Yamapi Joins Star-Studded Cast of “Terra Formars” Movie

This news made me squeal. It’s seriously squeal-worthy as bunch of uber-talented actors, ikemens, idols, and gori-oshis join forces for another live adaptation movie.

Popular manga “Terra Formars” by Sasuga Yu and Tachibana Kenichi will be getting a live movie adaptation that is slated to be shown next year. Heading the cast is Ito Hideaki together with  Takei Emi, Yamada Takayuki, Oguri Shun, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kosugi Kane, Kikuchi Rinko, Kato Masaya, Koike Eiko, Shinoda Mariko, Takito Kenichi, Ohta Rina, and Fukushima Rila.

(c)warner bros

In “Terra Formars”, a group of young scientist from 21st century were tasked to “warm-up” Mars so it could be habitable for humans. In their research, they decided to send cockroaches, like eew, and mold to Mars in hopes that molds would absorb sunlight and cockroaches fossils will be the molds food source. However, as cockroaches are known for their tenacity, the first manned spacecraft arrived in Mars in year 2599 and they were surprise to find-out that the cockroaches have mutated into humanoid form and have incredible strength. One thing I hate more than flying cockroaches is that if they became human.

So, the spacecraft crew got wiped-out but they were able to send SOS to earth and to avenge humanity, earth sent their Elite Forces to exterminate the cockroaches and reclaimed Mars. Since the elite forces will be fighting mutated cockroaches, four members of the force were enhanced to mutate into different insect species like Yamapi will be a desert locust, Ito is an asian giant hornet, Takei as a bombyx mori, and Yamada as a  sleeping chironomid. The rest of the characters will be playing scientists and some info can be found, here.

Takashi Miike (Mogura no Uta) will be the director of this movie and based from Takashi’s past movies, this is is gonna be gory. I’m not really into SF movies but if the cast is this good, I’ll definitely check it out.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports 


4 thoughts on “Yamapi Joins Star-Studded Cast of “Terra Formars” Movie

  1. So many big names. I hope yamapi will fine and can match everyone.
    A bit different with the manga or anime, tv news and some articles wrote about Thien (yamapi’s role) a lot and put his name first than Emi, Takayuki, Shun and others. It seems in the movie he is the important role next to Sokichi (Ito’s role). Or they just list them based on popularity. I’m not sure then XD
    Looking forward how they will plot the movie. This is another popular work who got live action.


    • I’m not really familiar with Yamapi’s character, actually I’m not familiar with the manga, but I really hope that the movie will be good.


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