Meiji University to a Hold Special Lecture about Arashi

Apparently, there is more to learn about Arashi…

It was announced that Meiji University‘s lecturer, Osamu Seki, will be holding an open lecture about Arashi, titled as “Arashi and contemporary thought“. The said lecture will happen on Oct 10th at Library Hall in Izumi Campus, Meiji University.

The said lecture will concentrate on analyzing the content of Arashi’s MV starting with their song “truth“. Arashi’s MVs will also be compared with the MV’s of other groups like NEWS, KAT-TUN, and Kis-My-Ft2 to better understand Arashi’s characteristics. Osamu said that Johnny’s music videos represent the members roles and relationships, which is so true in Kisumai before with their 3×4 formation while in KAT-TUN, Kamenashi Kazuya becomes the group’s axis and less performance for the other members. However, in terms of NEWS and Arashi, Osamu sees balanced and you can also see it in their relationship.

Well, the lecture is free and open but I think you have to signed up. Also, I believe that this lecture will also be open for any arguments since I refuse to agree about the KAT-TUN comment. #bitter

via Yahoo! Zasshi

Image credit : miyuki-arashi


4 thoughts on “Meiji University to a Hold Special Lecture about Arashi

  1. I agree with you about the KAT-TUN comment. That might have been true in the past, as far as who was most in the limelight, but now the responsibility has been divided more equally.


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