Rants & Raves : Let’s Get Physical

Woot! It’s August and I can see this month being busy and hopefully, very productive. Oh well, let’s get on with my occasional Rants & Raves : Let’s Get Physical

(c)burning-butterfly BEFORE…
  • ABC-Z’s Hashimoto Ryosuke loses weight as a birthday gift to himself and runs 15 km to get to his desired weight since he wanted to be pretty

I know that most Johnny’s are into skinny side but I draw the line when they have those sunken cheeks and so. It looks unhealthy and so unappealing and he’d better see a psychologist soon since this could be a case for “athletic anorexia”. Okay, I’m over thinking things, haha, but pls. stop. I’m not “thin shaming” him or whatever but it doesn’t look good on him and with all the acrobatics that ABC-Z are known for,  he needs strength more than being slim.

  • Japan’s New National Stadium aka “New Kokuritsu” might be limited sporting events only

Bad news to all Arashians who are hoping that Arashi will set foot on the “New Kokuritsu” after Tokyo 2020 Olympics since news has it that the newly-renovated Kokuritsu will be limited to sporting events . It’s such a shame since the new stadium will have a roof, which will be perfect for any events for any kind of weather. Oh well, I think this would not push through since after Tokyo 2020, the only way for the stadium to have more income is to allow big events like Arashi concerts.

  • “Terra Formars” first trailer is already out!

None of the gorgeous cast is in the trailer but the first trailer already looks cool and I can’t wait when Warner Bros. Japan releases the trailer featuring the actors and the humanoid cockroaches.

Sakurai Sho’s otosan
  • Sakurai Sho’s papa has been named the Permanent Secretary of Bureau of Internal Affairs and Communications. 

Congrats to Sho’s papa and it’s pretty obvious that the son is more popular than his father because even the headline for Sakurai Shun’s greeting goes like, “Sakurai Sho’s father first greeting as top bureaucrat of….”. Gahd, the man has an identity okay?

  • Hanyu Yuzuru collaborates in this year’s “24 Hr TV” chari-t-shirts. 

Famous figure skater, Hanyu Yuzuru, gets to collaborate for the prized chari-t-shirts. The t-shirst is cute, Yuzuru even has his trademark on it (skates and YZ), but the smiley face is soooo overrated. I know that this year’s theme is about “connecting with a smile” but can’t they think other design to interpret that theme instead of something that resembles an emoji? Well…guess not.

That’s all for now, I’m leaving you with a Matsumoto Jun gif of him being cute.


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