Okada Junichi and Miyazaki Aoi are Dating?

Oooh! Just in time before 24 Hr TV for this kind of rumor to grab the headlines. Honestly, I need this kind of rumor since it seems to be lacking in Johnny’s land nowadays.


One of the manliest ikemens from Johnny’s, V6‘s Okada Junichi, is reportedly dating actress Miyazaki Aoi. According to Women Seven magazine, the so-called Taiga couple began dating last Spring and as seen in the picture (above), the two were seen snuggled as they came from a common friend’s party. Okada with a pooch is so cute! Friends say that the two seems to be dating seriously and it’s only natural for them to develop (feelings) after being friends for so long.


The two have been friends since co-starring in 2008 movie “Kagehinata ni Saku” and again in “Tenchi Meisatsu“. Miyazaki had one marriage that ended in divorced in 2011 where Shukan Bunshun reported that Okada and Miyazaki were having an affair. Since then, the two became estranged and they were only reunited earlier this year.

If ever they are really dating, this relationship will receive lot of bashing, not just because Okada is a Johnny, but everyone will assume that Okada and Miyazaki were having an affair in 2011. Oh well, Okada has worked hard for so long that I just want him to be happy. Both of them are single and they’ve been apart for so long so let’s give them a chance. haha.

via Sponichi


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