Imai Tsubasa Talks about his recent hospitalization

Uh oh! It was November last year when Tackey & Tsubasa‘s Imai Tsubasa took a leave of absence after he was diagnosed with  Meniere’s disease. Recently, the guy with 7% of body fat ratio shared in his radio show, “Imai Tsubasa back to base” that he was hospitalized this summer due to weak intestines (weak digestion/weak stomach).

Tsubasa shared that he was prone to weak stomach and he was diagnosed with enteritis before. In fact, Tsubasa also mentioned that he suffered from gastroenteritis during high school for two years. Two years of gastroenteris, wow! Last summer (2014), Tsubasa had an endoscopy procedure and it was found that he had polyps. Some of the polyps were removed during the procedure but it was found that he has them again this year. He was offered to do surgery but it was not done until this summer where he was hospitalized for two days.

Tsubasa, who was also hospitalized last year for Meniere’s disease, was a bit worried about staying again in the hospital. Nevertheless, Tsubasa reminded his listeners on the importance of being healthy especially once they entered 30s.

I wouldn’t worry much over Meniere’s but those stomach ailment and polyps are more worrisome. That’s how the Big C always started so I hope that the polyps would always be benign. Anyway, being thin isn’t really equate to being healthy.

via jnews1

Image credit via raiaajihil


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