Male celebrities who doesn’t have sex appeal Ranking

In the tradition of useless rankings, here’s another ranking that would focus on what you don’t have rather on what you have. Johnny’s talent are not exempted from this ranking and I’m pretty sure their fans wouldn’t agree.

It’s easy to be physically attractive, however, according to 300 women who were surveyed for this poll, they just can’t find these ikemen sexually attractive.

Male celebrities who doesn’t have sex appeal Ranking TOP 10 (even though they are IKEMEN) 

10. Ichikawa Ebizo

–Disagree, though he looks more mature than his age but he really has this appeal.


–Kitagawa Keiko wouldn’t agree.

8. Kobuzuka Yosuke

–I know he looks like a druggie/post rehab most of the time but he is oozing with sex appeal, or maybe just my type?

(c) clynnbubbles

7. Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

— Nakamaru looks more like a good friend since he’s a nice guy and we all know that nice guys finish last. (Kame biased here)

6. Pakkun ( Pakkun Makkun)


5. Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)

— I totally get it why…he looks more feminine than masculine

4. Inoue Satoshi (vice director, owarai geinin)

3. Kurihara Louis (talent, model)

–If he’s not so thin, he looks really cool.

2. JOY (model)

1. Wentz Eiji

— Are you kidding me? Wentz is cute, I thought he was Takki when I first saw him on TV. I guess being cute is just cute.

Women SPA via Johnny’s-Watcher


5 thoughts on “Male celebrities who doesn’t have sex appeal Ranking

  1. Agree with you for Nakamaru and Tegoshi. Tegoshi is hotter when dressed as girl LOL
    I think about Wentz is cute ikemen but he is somehow a bit weird, he is funny guy though XD


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