Nakajima Kento and Sato Shori gets emotional in their first solo concert

Sexy Zone‘s Nakajima Kento had his first solo concert (performance) at Tokyo Dome City Hall last Aug 10th. Nakajima tries some tricks he learned from being a host in his previous drama, “Kurufuku Monogatari“, and greets the audience in a flirtatious way. Nakajima, who called himself KENTY, appeared with a sunglasses and a bouquet of roses as he threw flying kisses to the delight of his fans. 2,400 fans gets more delighted (read: scream) when he announced that he wants to hug one of them.

After the fan service, Nakajima gets to his grooves on, sang some of Sexy Zone’s hits, and played the piano. He gets pretty emotional afterward as he thank his fans for they support. Fellow Sexy Zone, Sato Shori, rushed on stage to be with Nakajima. Also spotted among the audience is NEWS‘s Masuda Takahisa.

After Nakajima, Sato Shori also had his first solo concert last Aug 14th at the same venue. Sato is accompanied by Johnny’s Jr. unit, Kinpuri, where he gets to try roller skating for the first time. Sato also sang some of Sexy Zone’s songs as well as some hits of his senpais. Unlike Nakajima, Sato chose not to cry after his performances, but Nakajima maintained his “prince-like” persona and gave 18 red roses to Sato in his dressing room.

The said concert is part of Sexy Zone’s series of solo concerts that started with Kikuchi Fuma. Matsushima Sou and Marius Yo also had theirs in EX Theater Roppongi.

I’m glad to know that the younger ones also had their solo con. I haven’t been paying attention to this group so I failed to write about the other member’s concert, or maybe, I’m just not that interested. haha. Apparently, these solo concerts are made so they can grow individually before they resume their group activities. Frankly, I’d rather see them doing group performances so they can grow as a group because that’s what they lack the most.

Anyway, I never really get the appeal of Kento, he is cute but it also look like he was trying too hard with his “prince-like” character. It’s getting annoying. haha. As for Shori, he’s looking so fine since his “Hungry!!” days.

via Asahi and Chunichi


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