Nakayama Yuma has no problem taking off his clothes in Dorian Gray

Last Aug 15th, Nakayama Yuma attended the public dress rehearsal of the stage play, “The Picture of Dorian Gray“. The said play is Nakayama’s first starring role.

In the Japanese adaptation of Oscar Wilde‘s classic, Nakayama plays Dorian Gray, a man who sold his soul so his beauty would never fade. Nakayama joked that he felt like an actress for getting all made-up and added that despite the pressure, he remains confident.

In the play, Nakayama also has a shirtless scene and shares that he did strength training with dumbbells and a 2 km run. Even though Nakayama didn’t get to develop abs, he’s quite happy that he was able to developed his chest muscle. Where is that chest muscle?


Fellow Johnny’s Jr and co-star for the play, Nakada Hiroki, shared that he also did the same strength training as Nakayama, unfortunately, he didn’t get to develop any muscle.

The Picture of Dorian Gray” will run from Aug 16th to 18th at New National Theater in Tokyo as well as additional performances on Sept 1st to 6th.

via Yahoo!Japan | Image via jameskiller



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