Tamamori Yuta talks about rivalry with himself

Forget about rivalry between Nakayuma Yuma in this year’s double lead “DREAM BOYS“, Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta says that his rival is his very self.

As reported earlier, Kis-My-Ft2 is back as the lead of popular stage play “DREAM BOYS”. The long-running stage play will have their 500th performance this year and this is the third consecutive year that Tamamori is the stage’s chairman. Joining Tamamori is fellow Kis-My-Ft2 members, Senga Kentoand Miyata Toshiya. Also, a first in DREAM BOYS history, there will be two versions this year that will be headed by Nakayama Yuma and Sexy Zone‘s Kikuchi Fuma and Marius Yo.

Tamamori shared that he was never satisfied with this past performances, he said that even though he stood onstage with all his strength, he always think how he could have done it differently after each performance. For that reason, Tamamori always look for a room to grow, aside from stage, he also does drama and movies. Lastly, he’s also not worried about the double cast since he consider himself as his only rival.

Stage-wise, I think that Yuma has more experience since he has done more stage plays than TV. As for TV, Tamamori has done more of it. Acting-wise, I’ll go with Yuma.

via Post Seven


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