Girls Rumored to Chinen Yuri

I’m bored so I decided to write about this. haha. This post is just a partial translation from new classic so for any violent reactions, complain to the source. XD

Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Chinen Yuri undeniably possesses a baby-face and athletic physique (especially if he grows some more inches). However, compared to his fellow Hey!Say!JUMP members from Takaki Yuya, Yabu Kota, and Okamoto Keito, Chinen seems to lacking in scandal, I mean, love rumor.

So, New Classic made a compilation of girls who were rumored to have been involved with Chinen Yuri.

  • Arai Moe

The NON-NO model is rumored to have dated Chinen but fans quick to say that it’s just a hoax. Arai is said to be big fan of Chinen and that she even confessed to Chinen. There are even rumors that there’s a purikura of the two of them kissing but there’s still no evidence. So, fans say that this dating rumor is just a hoax. Period.

Fans are quick to react, huh?

  • Morikawa Aoi

The two co-starred in Chinen’s first lead drama, “Sprout“. Rumors began to circulate that they were dating especially since the two has a kissing scene in the drama. Morikawa even wrote something about the scene in her blog but some wotas got angry at her blog post so she deleted it.

Fans are scary.

  • Nounen Rena

This rumor circulated during Nounen’s asadora. According to rumor, the two met via Nounen’s close acquaintance, Nishiuchi Mariya, who organized a dinner with other Johnny’s. Nounen is extremely shy and only got to talk longer to Chinen. Soon enough, the two are rumored to be dating although no pictures of them have been taken. Nishiuchi used to be classmates with Chinen before she dropped-out of Horikoshi and she’s also rumored to be Yamada Ryosuke‘s ex-girlfriend.

This rumor is so false. haha. I think that Nishiuchi would had enough of being associated with Johnny’s since, if the past rumors were true, she dropped-out of Horikoshi after receiving backlashed from Yamada’s fans when they were rumored to be dating.

In conclusion, the girls mentioned look like triplets with some similarities. haha. Also, YamaChii rules! Seriously, I don’t think Chinen is dating anyone because if he does, he won’t be drinking alone in some bar. haha.


via New Classic


3 thoughts on “Girls Rumored to Chinen Yuri

  1. They all look so much alike – as in they could all pass for Chinen’s relative or something.
    So there was no hint of an UmiChii pairing even back then? LOL. I’m not that surprised considering how it’s next to impossible for him to be able to have time fro
    Isn’t Rena Umika’s (Kawashima) kouhai under LesPros? It’s just that I find it incredulous that she’s close friends with Mariya Nishiuchi instead of her senpai.
    Well, they’re all rumors anyway.


    • well, being in the same agency doesn’t mean that the talents will end-up friends anyway. Some of these celebrities, even though they came from different agencies, became friends because they’ve either work together, went to school together, or started together.


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