A.B.C-Z Aims for the Top with their First Single

A.B.C.-Z mobilized 24,000 people for their 6 days continuous performance at Tokyo Dome City Hall. The 5-member group is known for their acrobatics and they kept the audience glued and not blinking with their performances. Kawai Fumito was responsible for the comprehensive production while Goseki Koichi was responsible for choreography.

A.B.C.-Z had a DVD debut last 2012, in contrast with other Johnny’s group who debuted with a CD (single). In lieu of their upcoming anniversary, the guys will be dropping their first ever single on Sept 30th with “Moonlight Walker”. Goseki boasts about a “Michael (Jackson) style” choreography complete with Michael Jackson‘s trademark jacket and hat when he did the famous “moonwalk”. Furthermore, J&A President, Johnny Kitagawa, is said to be a fan of Michael Jackson so the group will also be incorporating a Michael-atmosphere in their first single.

Totsuka Shota expressed his eagerness about their first single that he wanted it to be released already while Hashimoto Ryosuke said that they aimed for first place in Oricon charts.

A.B.C-Z’s 6 days performance is part of “Summer Paradise in TDC” celebration that started with Sexy Zone.

via Nikkan Sports 


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