Johnny’s Fan Club Sends an “unusual warning” to a KAT-TUN Fan

Aside from Kokubun’s marriage announcement via fan mail, the agency seem to be sending lots of mails lately. Well, just one particular mail.

It was reported that Johnny’s Fan Club secretariat sent an email about “Butai appreciation manners caution/warning ” to a certain KAT-TUN Fan Club member. The said mail is sent after the agency saw some impropriety during the stage run of “Aoi Shushi wa Taiyo no Naka ni Aru” that stars KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya. The Ninagawa Yukio produced butai is in Osaka until the 13th.

As for the improper manners observed, it was said that the fan was wearing a huge hat even though the fan was seated on front-middle-center row. The said fan also chatted noisily even when the performance started and when one of the actors splashed some saliva during an enthusiastic performance, the said fan made a roar of laughter which spoiled the entire scene.

Most of the audience aren’t just Kamenashi Kazuya’s fans, there are also fans of Ninagawa Yukio’s works. Kana, who played the role of Marie in the butai, also tweeted about the fan’s improper etiquette while inside the theater.

Kamenashi was noted to be saddened by the fan’s attitude and it was reported that the warning mail was sent per his instructions. During KAT-TUN’s fan meeting at Osaka last year, Kamenashi was reported to have knelt just to make a fan keep quiet.

It’s a good thing that Kame kept his cool because if I were in his position, I’ll ask the fan to leave because he’s bothering the audience and entire production as well. Stage plays are performed live and they don’t need a distraction that might make them forget their lines.

via Yahoo!Japan


5 thoughts on “Johnny’s Fan Club Sends an “unusual warning” to a KAT-TUN Fan

  1. EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! The theatre authorities should have removed her from her seat…with no refunds!!!! Rule of Thumb : It is the audience’s responsibility to ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the show by adhering to proper theatre etiquette. The performers who are entertaining you are doing so live and in person, so it’s important to be respectful to the actors on stage and to those around you. Of course, there is some school of thought that says:It’s unreasonable to expect complete silence and stillness from an audience. Part of the beauty of the theatre is the experience of sharing this moment with other people. Otherwise you might as well stay home and watch TV.”…But again there is a clear line, one that only becomes obvious when people stray over it…and that so-called fan practically” jumped over the wall ” with her inconsiderate antics. I do wonder how could she look at herself in the mirror every morning after this.Forgive me God, for saying this : “Aaahhh…can’t look because she might break the mirror!!! “


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  2. Maybe its the same fan who won’t shut up during their fan meeting. Remind me of the days when kattun yarakashi(?) tried to sabotage Arashi’s concerts (during their unpopular years) and Jin stans attacking the other kat-tun members after he left. They were really aggressive. Scary & weird.


  3. is it really a kat-tun fan? i don’t really think kame or kat-tun fan would do that to embarrassed their idol. i strongly believe, it’s a kat-tun hater. just because it’s kame’s butai, does that mean that only fans could go. haters can come too speacially if they want to emabarrased the actor… i feel bad for kame. kat-tun and the entire kat-tun fans atound the world…


    • It could really be KT fan…if its true that the said fan received a warning via FC mail, it means that he/she is a member of KAT-TUN FC. Also, he/she was seated on preferred seats usually reserved for FC members.


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