Kokubun Taichi Announces his Marriage

All those past rumors are true after all…FINALLY! ***Updated***

TOKIO‘s Kokubun Taichi announced his marriage to TOKIO’s Family Club (FC) members via mail. The exact contents of the mail isn’t reported but Kokubun is said to have stated that, “this time, I, Kokubun Taichi, will get married”.  Moreover, it was also noted that Kokubun decided to share the news to the fans since he wanted them to be part of this milestone and although he is still immature, he will devote his time to grow more and hopes that the fans will continue to cheer him on. So far,  Tatsuya Yamaguchi is the only married member of TOKIO, he got married last 2008.


Rumors that Kokubun will get married started last year, although none of it was confirmed or denied by the agency. As for Kokubun’s wife, it was reported that she was a TBS employee whom he was dating for 7 years. A press conference was scheduled to make an official announcement but due to heavy rains, it has to be postponed.

Fellow TOKIO members have congratulated Kokubun, as well as SMAP‘s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, who greeted Kokubun during his radio program. With this marriage news in Johnny’s, I’m pretty sure that all those MaotsuJun shippers are seeing hope.

Anyway, congratulations Kokubun and it was so sweet of you to announce it to the fans.

via Nikkan Sports  , Daily Sports and storming-eighter for image


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