Kamiki Ryunosuke Joins Nishikido Ryo in “Samurai Sensei”

Isn’t it cute when Kamiki would play along side Johnny’s?

It was announced that Kamiki Ryunosuke will be starring in “Samurai Sensei” that also stars Kanjani8‘s Nishikido Ryo. As earlier reported, Nishikido will be playing a samurai named Takechi Hanpeita, who time-slip 150 years to present day Japan, and became a cram school teacher.


Joining Nishikido is Kamiki Ryunosuke, who will be playing Sakamoto Ryoma, a key figure in Japanese history who time-slipped ahead of Takechi and has been well adjusted to present times by working as a journalist in Tokyo. In the drama, Takechi and Sakamoto are friends, both of them are samurais from Tosa, and they both adhere to “Sonno-joi” movement.

This is the first time that Nishikido and Kamiki will be working together. Kamiki hopes that he and Nishikido would treat each other like brothers while Nishikido is eager to work with a well-honed actor like Kamiki. Kamiki also commented that he’s taking notes from his agency senpai, Fukuyama Masaharu, on how to play the role of Sakamoto since the latter have also played the same role for “Ryomaden”.

I got really interested with Kamiki’s role since I’ve watched JIN and Sakamoto Ryoma is such a central character more than Minakata Jin. So  I like to see how Kamiki will portray Sakamoto since in JIN, Sakamoto is such a jolly fellow. Also, in Samurai Sensei, I wonder what they will do with Sakamoto’s assassination since not only they are both in present time, they are also aware that Sakamoto is going to be assassinated.

Rounding-up the cast are : Higa Manami, Fujii Ryusei (Johnny’s WEST), Kuroshima Yuina, Ishida Nicole, Kajihara Zen, Morimoto Leo.

Samurai Sensei” will air every Friday’s of October starting at 11:15 PM.

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4 thoughts on “Kamiki Ryunosuke Joins Nishikido Ryo in “Samurai Sensei”

  1. Some people find it cute when Kamiki stars next to a Johnny’s. I’m tye latter that find it an eye roller.

    He’s way too capable on his own. It’s so redundant after a while and I’d really wish it was just where he played in acclaimed roles WITHOUT the star/popularity power of a Johnny’s or a “popular for no reason” actor (like *cough*Fukushi Sota*cough, cough* in the Kami-sama Iutoori live action). He doesn’t really NEED the popularity of someone else to boost himself up.


    • Kamiki is a huge star on his own and he gets to do lead roles in dramas but I also wonder why he do these “second lead” roles when he’s talented enough. I guess that Kamiki is that kind of actor who loves acting more than anything else so he’s not that picky with what he do or he doesn’t have too much pride on who he gets to play with since he knows that he is good.


  2. I was already excited with the news of the drama and bcos Ryo was the lead …. but adding Kamiking to the mix made everything even more awesome. I.Just.Can’t.Wait 😀

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