Kazama Shunsuke Joins Okada Junichi in “Everest” Movie

This movie is looking more and more epic!

Additional cast were added to V6‘s Okada Junichi and Abe Hiroshi‘s starrer “Everest: Kamigami no Itadaki“. They are Taki Pierre, Komoto Masahiro, Kazama Shunsuke, and Sasaki Kuranosuke.

The movie is based from Yumemakura Baku’s original novel about Fukamachi Makoto (Okada), a photographer who found a camera supposedly own by British mountaineer George Mallory who went missing in the Everest until his body was found in 1999. Fascinated by Mallory’s past and if he did reach the world’s highest peak, Fukamachi will embark on a climb with legendary climber, Joji Habu (Abe), a genius who isolates himself because of his reckless personality.

Kazama will play the role of Kishi Ryoko’s (Ono Machiko) brother who is also Habu’s kouhai in mountaineering club.

Everest: Kamigami no Itadaki” will hit the theater on March 2016.

via jnews1

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