Ohno Satoshi Apologizes on recent “Scandal”

I really don’t want to use the word “scandal” but since only in Japan can a normal male and female relationship be labeled as “scandal” so I decided to go with it.

As you all know, Arashi‘s Ohno Satoshi has been involved in a “scandal” after FRIDAY exposed his relationship with a former actress right before Arashi’s “BLAST in MIYAGI“. Lots of things have been said here and there and even the innocent pug has to be dragged into the issue. Sorry, dog lover here.

According to media reports, before the curtain rises for Arashi’s BLAST, Ohno “apologized for the sadness he caused to the fans. He regrets his thoughtless behavior and will also reflect on his actions”. Furthermore, Ohno made a clarification on a misunderstanding, citing that he’s not in cohabitation and not in a relationship with the woman, who is just a friend, and that he will no longer meet with (her) to avoid any misunderstanding.

This news really broke my heart. Seriously, Ohno is 34 years old and he’s making an apology as if he’s a minor caught on a sex scandal. There’s no reason for Ohno to apologized to fans and more so, those fans should be the one who should reflect on their actions! Oh well, damn you Johnny when you were just talking about allowing Johnny’s in “marriageable age” to get married a few weeks ago. In times like this, I think that girl idols are luckier than guys since they can get married, have kids, and moved on with their lives while the male idols will forever be saddled with their selfish fans.

via jnews1 and Sanspo | Image credit to chesutoberry


14 thoughts on “Ohno Satoshi Apologizes on recent “Scandal”

  1. I don’t understand japanese fans reactions about idols dating… I think as fans we shouldn’t care about our idols private lives (especially dating), they are grown ups and should be living freely without worrying about their fans… As a fan, I’m always happy when I hear that one of my favorite actor, actress, singer, etc. is happily dating or getting married. As fans shouldn’t we be happy for our idols?

    It’s not like they were doing something illegal… I mean it’s not like they were going on drugs or something…!!! As adults it’s normal for them to want to date someone and maybe think to get married and start a family, they are in their thirties after all… they all should be all ready married, no?!?!

    The problem for idols in Japan, is that they are supposed to be every girls’ fans possible boyfriend, but I think it is unhealthy to let young girls think this way… they should make the difference between dorama, tv shows, etc. and real life!!! We probably all fantasies about our favorite celebrity… who never imagined dating that actor or that singer??? But in the end, the probability to meet with that person and date him/her is less than zero!!! (Well I’m still waiting for Orlando Bloom’m proposal LMFAO).

    I think I will NEVER understand japanese girls reactions about their idols dating… and honestly I don’t even want to understand because when Ohno-kun (or any Arashi members) will get married I will be super Happy for him and fiancee and wish them eternal love and many cute babies ^^ But if Riida wants to wait for me, I’m fine too… haha ^^


  2. It is simply ridiculous! He has his own human rigHTS to pursue a family. I believe the Japanese fans are the majority close minded ones to criticise. ARASHI member are not owned by fans. They have their own lives. I support them to get married. Showbiz is just business.

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  3. He’s a 34 year old man and is apologizing for living with a woman? WTF Japan? Ugh, so stupid! Fans should be HAPPY to see their favourite idols living a happy life! Some fans are so disrespectful :c

    And for the record, a “girl idol” would’ve been eaten alive for something this big! I mean, rumors of them going on dates or leaving a guys house cause them to get suspended or kicked out! Remember that “scandal” with that one girl from AKB? Girl idols DEFINITELY have it worse.


  4. Exactly! These fans really are selfish. Ok I get it, if he’s your favorite you’re upset. But what? You act like this and make it hard on the person you’re supposed to support? Instead of supporting their happiness or at least not making life more difficult, you choose to humiliate him and unfairly force out an apology.
    This is why people look down on fan girls.

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  5. I agree, Ohno is on the right age. He can already have a girlfriend. In our country, the legal age for marriage is around 26 years old. Besides, now a days teenagers had already their boyfriends and girlfriends at the very young age. I think, even though they are idols they have the right to be in love and involve in a relationship if they are on the right age 🙂


  6. Riida,why would you apologize? WHY?
    Did the jimusho asked him to do this?
    Or is this his own idea?
    Maybe the problem is not with the foreign fans. The problem lies with the Japanese fans.
    Geez people. Let this poor man have his normal life.


    • I believe that the agency has a lot to say in this matter since they normally ignore tabloid news so I don’t know why they suddenly decided to make a comment


  7. I was really saddened when I found out he apologized. I feel so sorry for Ohno right now.

    Since I am not from Japan, I don’t fully understand why this whole thing is a ‘scandal’. As a fan, I don’t think it’s my business what they do in their personal time so I cannot imagine what he is feeling right now.

    I want them to be happy.


  8. I agree, Ohno should just enjoy their love life, well actually that Friday article should be a happy news for real fan, I mean his past scandal was really a bad one and it’s normal if people criticized him about that, But this one is about him having a girlfriend which something should be congratulated on.
    Also, I’m not sure to blame Johnny-san since I have heard few times that there are a lot of “erai-san” in JE and those erai-san that mostly scolded the talents and being strict to them.

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    • In Japan, this kind of relationships are viewed as scandalous because idols have this image to maintain like they are “married” to their fans. It’s not just idols though, all “exposed” relationships are considered scandalous.


  9. It’s so sad for Ohno ='(
    Why can’t he have girlfriend ? He must find love and happiness like everyone !!
    I’ll never understand fans who can’t accepts it
    To be fan is to be respectful and happy towards their idol when they are happy too.
    Ganbatte ne Ohno !! ❤ ❤ ❤

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