Rants & Raves : Fans

Hi! Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days, work has gotten busier that my only time to posts anything will be on weekends. Yeah, I’m that busy than I can’t even get to check twitter and jnews1 because I only wanted to sleep once I get home. Anyway, I miss blogging so I’ll start with this R & R that was left unfinished in my draft box since the 23rd.

Here is Rants & Raves : Fans


  • D-BOYS member is a fan of Kis-My-Ft2’s Kitayama Hiromitsu that after watching Kisumai’s “KIS-MY-WORLD” concert, he tweeted how Kitayama is “God’s gift to mankind”

I wrote this 4 days ago and I can’t find the link. I’m quite sure that he tweeted something along those lines and it’s just so cute when a male fan would gush over a male celebrity. Anyway, what’s with all the pink outfit? Is Kitayama “pink” in Kisumai? haha.

  • ELT’s Mochida Kaori says that she’s a huge fan of Arashi and Ohno Satoshi is her favorite member because of Ohno’s versatility.

Girl, you’re lucky that you are married or this comment would be viewed differently by those who think maliciously.

(c) □♡▽○ ‏@rs_6767

  • A certain comic warehouse has this in their store where fans and customers can put on one sticker on their favorite group. Arashi and Kanjani8 had an overwhelming popularity followed by Kis-My-Ft2 but take note of the V6 corner. @rs_6767 commented how united V6 fans were and how they really love their idols. 

Love, love, love….Let’s just say that V6 fans are more artistic and well, solid. Oh, I underestimated Kisumai’s popularity.

  • TOO YOUNG TO DIE starring TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase has a new trailer! Check it out, HERE.

The start of the trailer is already a comedy. haha. If you don”t know that Nagase is in this movie then I wouldn’t be able to recognize him with that make-up, love the “motherfucker” thing. Let the fangirling begin!

  • Arashics/Arashians who attended the four-day “BLAST in MIYAGI” event were commended for being well-mannered for not leaving a single trash in the venue and in the reconstruction market side.

Well this is something positive since most Arashi fans and wotas are always viewed negatively like they are a vicious pack of hyenas out to eat any anti-fan. haha. The fans probably learned their lesson after the “5 tress” incident in Hokkaido were it was reported that the fans made a mess.

  • ABC-Z just released their first single, “Moonlight Walker” and in an interview with Only Star magazine, Tsukada Ryoichi shared that he was mistaken for Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari. 

So I was looking for Tsukada’s picture that is close to Nino’s and I was prepared to give up until I saw this chibi pic. However, upon closer inspection, it’s not even Tsukada but Totsuka (I’m right? right…).

  • Another case of mistaken identity, Owarai talent, Dohi Ponta (Pontaseika), was mistaken as Kanjani8’s Subaru Shibutani when he was asked about his movie “Misono Universe”. 

LOL. I was looking for the closest picture of Subaru to match Ponta and this is the closest that I can find. I’m too lazy to cropped-out Ryo.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend even thought it’s back to work tomorrow. I’m leaving you with Tsukada’s gif doing backflips and exposing something that should be shown.


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