Three Members of Johnny’s WEST to Join Osaka Marathon

Johnny’s WEST decided to get buff!

Johnny’s WEST Hamada Takahiro, Kamiyama Tomohiro, and Nakama Junta will be running in the 5th Osaka marathon on Oct 25th. The run will be covered by MBS’s “Iku Jani” where the Johnny’s WEST is part of the show.

The goal is for the three to finish the race in less than 4 hours or a severe punishment describes as “beyond the human common sense” awaits them. That was harsh, imagine having to run a marathon and having to endure a punishment game after, I’ll go with the punishment without having to run. However, the winner will get a reward and it will be an overseas trip.

Nakama joined the marathon three years ago and he finished it in 4 hours and 11 minutes, he said that he’s not that confident now since he hasn’t done a marathon in 3 years and that he aged as well. On Hamada, he has been doing 30 squats in 3 sets that I think he should just put those efforts into running. Unfortunately for Kamiyama, he injured his left foot and has to recuperate in the hospital for the time being.

Well, goodluck guys!

via jnews1 and Sanspo


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