Ikuta Toma and Yamada Ryosuke Attends “Grasshopper” Completion Showcase

Argh! I really hope that this movie will get an international release because I can’t wait to see a badass Yamada.

Ikuta Toma, Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke, and Asano Tadanobou attended the completion showcase of their movie “Grasshopper“. Grasshopper will hit the theaters this Nov 7th.

The revenge movie tells the story of once law-abiding teacher named Suzuki (Ikuta) who joined a criminal organization, Reijou, to avenge his lover (Haru). Suzuki will meet the lonely young assassin, Semi (Yamada), and suicide-driven assassin Kujira (Asano). The story will show how their lives will interlaced.


Ikuta’s movie role is called his “weakest character” in history, a person who works enthusiastically and wouldn’t even hurt an insect. Since this is revenge movie, it’s like saying that his love for his murdered fiance made him stronger.

This is the first time that Yamada and Ikuta worked together. Yamada shared that Ikuta emailed him before the filming and Yamada received a gush of pressure. “you have to boast your seniority,” Yamada joked. If Yamada felt the pressure to work with Ikuta, Ikuta is more than happy to work with Yoshioka Hidetaka, one of their co-stars. Both actors were born in Hokkaido and Ikuta shared that he grew-up watching Yoshioka’s dramas.

Grasshopper” will hit the theaters on Nov 7th. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, do check it out here. [Adobe flash player required]

via Nikkan Sports and Yahoo!Japan


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