Sakurai Sho Sends Warm Greetings to Fukiishi Kazue

Let’s just say that I’m looking for an excuse to post something about Fukuyama Masaharu’s marriage even though this is supposed to be a Johnny’s Entertainment blog. haha.

In case you’re new to Japanese entertainment, you know that the uber hot Fukuyama Masaharu have ended his bachelor living by marrying actress Fukiishi Kazue. Well, Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho used a bit of his commentary time in “NEWS ZERO” to send his congratulations to Fukiishi, saying “I co-starred with Fukiishi-san to a lot of works, that smiling face of your’s when you talked about your family and brother is very warm. I hope so you may build a warm home, too.”


Sakurai and Fukiishi have co-starred in a lot dramas including “Kobe Shinbun no Nanokakan”, “Yoiko no Mikata”, and “Yamada taro Monogatari”. To save you time in searching, she was Sho’s and Nino’s teacher.


Furthermore, Sakurai is rumored to have been “friend-zone” by Fukiishi and if that’s true then Sho have let two girls go. haha.

via Nikkan Sports


2 thoughts on “Sakurai Sho Sends Warm Greetings to Fukiishi Kazue

  1. the first time I read this news, for some reason i immediately thought sho chan. poor sho chan, 2 nice woman (I think an ideal wife for sho chan) should be removed. once again if the rumors are true. I hope sho chan get good woman for him.


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