Nakajima Yuto Challenges Bed Scene in “Pink to Gray”

Woot! He’s really all grown-up now!

Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Nakajima Yuto attended the 20th Busan International Film Festival last Oct 2nd for “Pink to Gray” (Pink and Gray) movie screening. It was the movie’s international premier and together with  Nakajima is the red-haired Suda Masaki and the movie’s director Yukisada Isao.

The three didn’t manage to walk the red carpet because their flight was delayed for 6 hours and has to rushed to Busan as soon as they arrived from Japan. However, they did greet 600 audience and Nakajima greeted everyone in Korean with “Annyeong, nice to meet you, I’m Nakajima Yuto from Japan”. It was later revealed that he learned those Korean greetings from Yamada Ryosuke.

In the movie’s Q&A, director Yukisada teased the audience by mentioning some unexpected scenes that Nakajima did for the movie, one of which was the bed scene with actress Kaho. Nakajima commented that he was really tense there was one scene where he was confused about what he should do so when the director called for an “action!”, he was left in a weird posture that made him really tired after it was done.

“Pink to Gray” is the debut novel of Nakajima’s agency senpai, Shigeaki Kato of NEWS, which tells the story of success and setbacks in the entertainment industry between two best friends.

Pink to Gray” will have its theatrical release in Japan on Jan 9, 2016.

via jnews1 and Nikkan Sports

There was some confusion on the title, sometimes it’s written as Pink to Gray but there were also sources were it’s written as Pink and Gray. Even in the movie’s website, the website is but the content is written as pink and gray.


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