Inagaki Goro talks about marriage and love scene in his new stage play

It’s amazing how Goro is open to talk about this, is he dropping hints?

SMAP‘s Inagaki Goro attended the public rehearsal of the stage play “No. 9-Fumetsu no Sinretsu-” (Immortal Melody) at Tokyo Akasaka ACT Theater.  “No. 9-Fumetsu no Sinretsu-” is about the life of one of greatest composer in history, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Goro plays the titular role.

The play will depict Beethoven’s life after he lost his hearing, Beethoven was a lifelong bachelor but he is also viewed as a passionate man. Actress Takaoka Saki will play Goro’s lover and the two will have a full-fledged intense love scene. Goro says that it’s definitely one of the play’s highlight.

Since there’s a recent marriage rush in Japanese showbiz, Goro just mentioned that Hiro will come and see the play. Hiro is a man in his 50s and is known to be Goro’s housemate. Ex-AKB48 Oshima Yuko is also in this play as Beethoven’s secretary who just shrugged-off the recent marriage news in showbiz. As for Maiko, Tsumabuki Satoshi‘s girlfriend, she said that her (current) obsession is on this stage play. Every Tsumabuki fans are now relieved.

No. 9-Fumetsu no Sinretsu-” will run from Oct 10-25 at Tokyo Akasaka ACT Theater.

via jnews1 and Yahoo!Japan


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