Q&A : Nobuta Power on

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So here is this week’s Q&A : Nobuta Power On

This is not a question but I want to share this story. I got introduced into Johnny’s because of Nobuta wo Produce and frankly, I didn’t like Kame and Yamapi. That drama reeks of bad hairstyle, bad hair job, awful fashion, and Kame’s eyebrows is distracting. I don’t like Nobuta as well, I just hate weak female characters. Well, it wasn’t until I transferred to a new school in a new country that I began to associate myself with Nobuta and made me appreciate Shuji and Akira’s efforts to transform Nobuta. I was like, where are those “producers” when you need them? I re-watched Nobuta that year and now, it’s one of my favorite japanese drama. Who cares about their hairstyle? 

I feel the same here, I didn’t like Nobuta at first but it just grows on you. That’s the magic of Shuji and Akira!

Do you agree that Terra formars is a racist manga? 

I haven’t read the manga but there were some talks about it that the humanoid cockroaches looked like Black men. Seriously though, they are cockroaches, they are either brown, dark brown, or black, associating them with Black men is just wrong.

Where do you download torrents? I don’t have time to make a livejournal account.

You can try jdramacity.

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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