Rants & Raves : 1M

I’ve been so busy, I didn’t notice that my blog finally reaches more than 1 million page views. I really thought that wordpress would be giving me some sort of notice since they do notify me when there’s heavy traffic on my blog or just like those annual reports that they send me. Anyway, even though my skin is drying due to stress from all those work overtime, I’m feeling celebratory so this week’s Rants & Raves will be good news. Also, I decided to bring the old format of R&R back.

Here is Rants & Raves : 1M

  • Yamada Ryosuke was seen shopping at ZARA in Roppongi Hills with his mother. Yamada is noted to be wearing Harry Potter-like glasses and an ensemble that resembles his mother. Aside from that, fans who noticed him said that Yamada smells good.

Rants : That is Yamada? Okay, I think I’ll just take the word of whoever took this picture that the guy is Yamada Ryosuke who also happens to be in the same height as his mother. Overall, I like his fashion sense since I also shop in ZARA, too much bling on his phone though, and what’s with him smelling good? Girls, if you can smell someone at that distance then they must have used an entire bottle of perfume, which is lame.

Raves : A guy shopping with his mother is like the cutest, this is like “Risou no Musuko” all over again without those Koala punches and so.


  • INKT will participate in this year’s “SuG Fest 2015′ thanks to Alice Nine aka “A9”

Rants : I’m still not into INKT’s brand of music but I’m awed that KOKI still manage to do gigs while Jin is…well,uhm, designing.

Raves : Happy for KOKI for still doing what he loves even after leaving Johnny’s. Let’s get real, those who leave Johnny’s are treated invisible after and somehow KOKI still manage to have a presence.

  • In Goo ranking’s “male celebrity who looks unfashionable in plain (civilian) clothes”, SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro takes the top spot while Kanjani8’s Yasuda Shota landed in 7th (9th) spot. [Three male celebrities tied on 7th spot]

Rants : Nakai on this ranking is expected but really, it’s so rare to see him in civilian clothes. I mean, doesn’t he always work? As for Yasu, are they not talking about those clothes that they make Kanjani8 wear?

Raves : I get Nakai but Yasu? I mean…okay, I haven’t seen too much pics with them in civilian clothes to judge.

  • In Only★Star ranking on “Guys you want to take on a library date”, Arashi’s Sakurai Sho gets the top spot.

Rants : Just because Sho is brainy doesn’t mean that he wants to date in libraries. Libraries isn’t exactly romantic but I heard that there are some deserted aisles where you can have a private moment. Hah!

Raves : There was also this ranking about Sho being the #1 male celebrity they want as their teacher. I guess he’s really seen being uber smart.

Rants : So where do we go from being smart?

Raves : Uhm, libraries.

Rants : If I want a library date, I’ll go with Okada Junichi with him in his Dojo character.

Raves :That wouldn’t be date since there will be guns and so and he’ll be sadistic instead of sweet.

Rants : Well…that’s what I’m craving for. haha.


  • The trailer is finally out for Nakajima Yuto’s “Pink and Gray” movie. Check it out here.

Rants : Wait, who died? I’m Nakajima-biased so damn, he looks so fine in everything.

Raves : The trailer looks so interesting that I can’t wait for next year. I have high hopes for Yuto.

Rants : Yeah, his ikemen level is outstanding.

Raves : Yuto aside, the trailer alone made me swoon on Suda.


  • Wanna go for a drive with your idol? Survey says that most people (men and women) wants to go on a drive with Arashi.

Rants : It’s a wonder that the papz never caught them driving anything else. The last time I saw a paparazzi photo of Sakurai and Ohno, Sakurai was hailing a cab. There was also a FRIDAY photo of Ikuta Toma with Sho and Sho was also hailing a cab.

Raves : It must be because of those rumors on the car they drive. Aside from Ohno who doesn’t have a driving license and Sho is a cheap-o, the three are rumored to drive some fancy wheels. Though the papz never caught of it.

  • Kis-My-Ft2’s Fujigaya Taisuke is named “Best Jeanist 2015” for second year in a row.

Rants : So I’m just waiting for him to be included in that Hall of Fame so someone new can be called the “Best Jeanist”. Surely, that someone new will still be from Johnny’s.

Raves : Congrats to Taipi though I’m really just thinking how I can push my ichiban to the top spot.

Rants : You can’t push your ichiban, this kind of awards are already premediated just like that “Megane” awards.

Raves : Okay, so now I’m thinking how will Johnny fix that Yuto wins next.

Rants : It’s weird though that during awards ceremony, the winners are usually wearing the most outrageous and unflattering jeans. Only Rola looks deserving of the win.

Raves : I guess the point of this award is how you can make the most outrageous jeans looks good on you.

Rants : Maybe…but it doesn’t really look good.

That’s all for now, for a change, I’m leaving you with a gif that will make you breathless and hungry!


2 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : 1M

  1. Congratulations for your 1M views !!!

    Wait why Yasu would be in that ranking XDD
    I always thought he was one of the most fashionable johnnys lol

    About Best Jeanist, I’m more interested in the rest of the ranking, with 2 or 3 Juniors being in top 10 ! Juniors are hardly seen in rankings like that, I wonder if it ever happened before ?

    Love you and your work keep going ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I also think that Yasu is fashionable enough. As for the juniors being in the ranking, I’m not sure it happened before, it must be because the juniors are having more exposure. XD


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