Tamamori Yuta and Nishiuchi Mariya Signs 200 Sheets of Movie Posters

When it comes to promoting movies, stars do it all!

As reported earlier, Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta will have his onscreen debut opposite of actress Nishiuchi Mariya in “Raintree no Kuni“. Based on  Arikawa’s novel, “Raintree no Kuni” tells the pure love story between two people who have never met.Tamamori plays the role of Sakisaka Nobuyuki, a salary man from a food company who starts exchanging emails with the owner of “Rain Tree no kuni” blog named Hitomi (Nishiuchi). Nishiuchi has a secret that she can’t say in person. Is that secret is her being almost deaf and wears a hearing-aide?


This is the first movie for them and in lieu with movie’s promotional activities, Tamamori and Nishiuchi signed 200 posters that will be distributed in movie theaters and bookstores nationwide. The two also include personal messages like movie dialogues, illustrations, and local specialties that are unique in each posters. I’m sure that Tamamori went for a hand spa right after.

Anyway, “Raintree no Kuni” will hit the theaters on Nov 21st. You can check-out the trailer, HERE.

via Oricon Style


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