Kazama Shunsuke,Yara Tomoyuki,Hasegawa Jun & Sano Mizuki in their Johnny’s Jr Graduation

Chill, none of them left.

Johnny’s official website, Johnny’s Net, have updated their “Artist” section with new additions. Kazama Shunsuke, Yara Tomoyuki, Hasegawa Jun, and Sano Mizuki now have their own Johnny’s webpage. The four mentioned didn’t have any CD debut and they are not part of any Johnny’s Jr. group, but they have been active in acting and in choreography for a long time. Their profiles and activities used to be listed under the “Johnny’s Jr.” section; however, all of that have changed as these four now have their own page together with their profile, bio, discography, etc.

Now that Kazama, Yara, Hasegawa, and Sano have their own page, they are now considered graduates of Johnny’s Junior.

via jnews1


6 thoughts on “Kazama Shunsuke,Yara Tomoyuki,Hasegawa Jun & Sano Mizuki in their Johnny’s Jr Graduation

  1. I am pleased to see this made it here. I was shocked when I saw this on the website earlier last week.

    Maybe 4Tops can reunite now that they are all graduates lol.

    Also congrats to Mizuki, he’s been in the game as a Jr since 1991 wow.

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  2. Happy and relieved to know Sano Mizuki still on the entertainment industry and still in JE too. For me, he’s good at acting (though I only had watched his acting in Kindaichi) so I kinda wonder why he didn’t get appear much on drama or movie. And I’m surprised that that he’s born in 1973, I thought he would be younger, around the same age with Nagase, KinKi, and Kamisen. Btw, is that true that the two main characters in the manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e are named after him?
    I hope 4U will debut soon or also graduate as Johnny’s Junior.


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