Arashi Tops Only★Star’s Favorite Artist Ranking 2016 for 6 years

It’s that year once again and Arashi is again the winner…

Only★Star magazine reveals the result of their annual “Favorite Artist Ranking” and Arashi got the top spot for 6th consecutive year. 20,000 readers participated in this annual ranking and Arashi overwhelmed the ranking by topping 7 out of 14 age group. Not surprisingly, Arashi won in the age groups populated by teens and women.

Here are the rest of the result:

  1. Arashi
  2. Mr. Children
  3. Ikimonogakari
  4. B’z
  5. Utada Hikaru
  6. yuzu
  7. aiko
  10. SMAP
  11. Spitz
  12. Southern All Stars
  13. Fukuyama Masaharu
  14. Nishino Kana | TOKIO
  15. Namie Amuro
  16. AKB48
  17. miwa
  18. Perfume
  19. Kobukuro
  20. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Based from last year’s ranking, Kanjani8 is sadly not included in thsi ranking, why?! Anyway, congratulations!

via jnews1


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