Yokoyama Yu Joins Sasaki Kuranosuke in “Hamon”

A Naoki winner turned movie, I guess this is Yokoyama’s most challenging role to date.

It was announced that Kanjani8‘s Yokoyama Yu will join Sasaki Kuranosuke in the upcoming movie “Hamon” (Expulsion).

Based from Kurokawa Hiroyuki‘s bestselling novel, “Hamon” is about the unlikely partnership between a construction consultant named Ninomiya Keisuke (Yokoyama) and a yakuza named Yasuhiko Kuwahara (Sasaki). Yasuhiko and his yakuza family, Nichokai, found themselves swindled by a fake movie producer and he enlisted the help of Ninomiya to get back their money.

“Hamon” won the coveted Naoki prize in 2014. The cast will start filming this late October in Tokyo, Osaka, and Macau.

This is a huge movie for Yokoyama, I don’t really follow his acting career but I think that “Suikyu Yankees” is one of his badass role. Since it’ll be filmed in Macau, I think that the movie will also get a Macau release date.

Hamon” will hit the theaters on 2017.

via jnews1 | Image credit to bagira2333


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