Bits & Pieces 027

Happy Halloween everyone! I don’t know if you celebrate it in your country or if you are ever fond of wearing costumes, but one thing’s for sure, I love the sweets they gave during Halloween. Anyway, before you start preparing for tonight’s festivities, here are some news and not-so-news that I missed. It’s horror free, promise!

Involved parties are: TOKIO, Shingo Katori, Inohara Yoshihiko, Arashi, Imai Tsubasa, Nishikido Ryo, Domoto Tsuyoshi, and Yasuda Shota.

  • TOKIO gets their own website, thanks to J-storm. Well, the website is still like their Johnny’s page, only bigger and it’s very basic and boring. Oh well, at least I get to see full page pictures of Nagase and Maboo so everything is cool.
  • In movie ranking this week,”Galaxy Kaidou” is on the lead with SMAP‘s Shingo Katori and Ayase Haruka as the alien couple in this futuristic Mitani Koki movie. Galaxy Kaidou is followed by Okada Junichi‘s “Toshokan Sensou: The Last Mission“.
  • Speaking Ayase Haruka, one of the favorite J-actress has been appointed as the Red Team moderator for the upcoming NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen. This is the 2nd time that Ayase will host the annual singing contest. Rumor has it that Uda Yumiko will also be hosting the show as well as V6‘s Inohara Yoshihiko as the White Team chair.

  • New Year is 2 months away and if you want to send your loved-one’s some good ol New Year postcard (nengajo) then this is the perfect time. Arashi partnered with Japan’s post as endorsers to promote this year’s nengajo. So, 今年もよろしくお願いします!

  • Earlier, I posted about those invalid tickets for Arashi‘s Japonism Tour 2015 in Nagoya Dome. There were 90 tickets affected and in the most recent news, the invalid tickets are now in 135 for the  same venue. Sad.
  • In Imai Tsubasa’s “back to base” Best 5 ranking this week, he announced his “Best 5 Johnny’s Guitarist” and in the fifth place is Imai Tsubasa for his air guitar skills, let’s forgive him since this is his ranking. Anyway, in the 4th place is Kanjani8‘s Nishikido Ryo whom Imai described as sexy. In the 3rd place is TOKIO‘s Nagase Tomoya followed by KinKi Kids‘s Domoto Tsuyoshi in the 2nd place. Well, the first place goes to Kanjani8‘s Yasuda Shota! Imai shared that he was so impressed with Yasuda’s guitar skills especially when he watched him in KanJAM!

That’s all for now, I’m leaving you with Kanjani8’s Halloween greeting from Infinity records.


8 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces 027

  1. Hi, sorry I know it’s not related but I really want to know so hope you don’t mind if I ask you, about last year Kohaku, the guest judges only 9 right? when usually they make it 10 every year, do you know if they made it 9 for some case or there was a rumored guest judge too?


    • Its fine but I don’t really pay attention to judges since I rarely watched the whole show. I’ll post this in Q&A and maybe someone will be able to answer this.


  2. I think your post sent me into a spasm when I thought Inocchi really got appointed as the Kouhaku white team moderator XD

    But, I think your Kouhaku information is currently unconfirmed rumours. Tamori supposedly declined hosting Kouhaku, hence the delay in the host/moderator announcements. I used “supposedly” because there were other reports that he didn’t… So, ultimately, everything’s still up in the air. Inocchi’s currently the favourite, but then again, his name has been coming up every single year since he started doing Asaichi… (though he himself has said that he wished people would stop telling him every year, “too bad you didn’t get to host Kouhaku again,” as if he had been aiming for it but didn’t get it)


    • Actually, the reason I never posted about Inocchi being the White team moderator because I don’t think it was already confirmed. However, when I read this news on Ayase, Inocchi’s name came up again as the White Team moderator. Though I guess everything is still a rumor except on Ayase


    • Yeah, actually now that I read your post again… I realized you did say “rumour has it” (or was that added later?) ^^; I think my eyes were playing tricks on me because I was initially too excited about Inocchi.

      I think Ayase’s is also a rumour though? The articles I read said it was 内定… And no official news on the Kouhaku website either. Ah wells. Official news will eventually come, I suppose!


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