5-ji Kara 9-ji Made Episode 2

Just when you thought that things will go downhill from here on, this drama gives you surprises and some scream worthy moments until the slap-worthy ending. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, read on…

Here is a quick recap of 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made : Episode 2

Junko is officially and illegally detained inside Takane’s temple and she doesn’t seem too mad about it. Instead of banging the door or shouting like a lunatic, she talked about things that she will be missing, which Takane says will be all provided, and just asks for her cellphone like a mere consolation.

Clueless in love Takane tells her that he doesn’t want her to be separated from him so locking her up is his only option. Later on, Junko becomes too comfortable inside her “jail cell”, she even has time to put on a mask and massage her body as Takane sits outside as if he’s praying for her to agree and marry him. While Junko is worried that Takane might have caught cold when he saved her from the rain earlier, Hibari arrives to tell Takane that she wants to round-up his omiai (with Kaori) as soon as possible. She adds that if Hibari wants to play with women then he can do so after he gets married. Oh my, what are the rules in marriage with monks?

Takane says that he’s not playing with women and Hibari starts talking about Junko, whom she describes as that ill-mannered girl who is not appropriate to become the temple’s wife. Of course, Takane defends Junko and says that she’s only misunderstood and if his grandma would get to know her then she’ll like her. To prove his point, Takane opens the door, revealing Junko who is attempting to save her face by hiding. It must have been a first time for Hibari to see a woman with a face mask on because she screamed until all the monks went out of their room to rescue whoever needs of rescuing.

Takane grabs Junko and helps her escape the temple. Junko thought that she’s finally away from Takane so she was surprised to see Takane already at her home. Takane was talking with her mother and sister and Takane even has the audacity to confess to Junko’s Sakuraba-mama and Nene that he locked Junko at his home because he didn’t want to give her back. This statement might shock other parents but the Sakuraba’s are screaming with delight and thinks of it as a romantic gesture.

Moreover, Sakuraba-papa goes out of the bathroom and upon seeing Takane, he assumes that he’s there to get his daughter so he goes into his room to change to something more formal. The Sakuraba’s are obviously excited that Takane is there except more Junko who got more distressed than ever.

Anyway, the Sakuraba’s had dinner after, Sakuraba-mama and Nene are too eager to have Takane with them while papa is trying to make his point about turning down the marriage offer. Sakuraba-mama offers the karaage to Takane and he says that it’s his first time to eat in such a crowded table and that the meal is delicious. Half-pity and half-overwhelmed, Sakuraba-mama says that he can call her okaasan from now on while Nene starts calling him oniichan.

Well, since Takane is in the Sakuraba’s, Hibari arrives to tell the Sakuraba’s that Junko will be undergoing a wife-in-training. Everyone is in agreement except for Junko who can only look as the other monks takes her belongings to transfer those to the temple.

The next day, Junko was called by Kiyomiya to give her an application form for the ELA promotion exam. Kiyomiya says that Junko will be taking an exam solely given to those who were recommended by the manager and only one person can pass to go to New York. Junko happily goes home only to see Takane waiting for her at her home’s shopping district. Takane tells her that if she can endure one week of wife-in-training then he will stop following her.

At first, Junko refuses his offer since she has to study for the promotion exam. Takane tells her that he won’t allow her to go to New York, which is too controlling of him when he’s not yet her husband, but New York is Junko’s dream so she couldn’t care less. However, Takane’s promise that he’ll stop following her if she do the wife training for a week also sounds promising. In the end, Junko agrees for a week of wife-in-training.

On Junko’s first day of wife-in-training, everything is a mess as expected. She sucks at cooking, cleaning, and stitching. Hibari looks half disappointed with Junko’s failures, I guess that Hibari likes Junko a bit after all. However, she still believes that Junko is not the woman for the temple and that she will give-up before the week ends.





After Junko is done with her work in the temple, she goes to work full of enthusiasm and vigor as she thinks about her American dream. She keeps saying “America, American…” like a mantra and to an irksome Japanese as Takane enters the classroom.

On to the other couples, Masako is starting to make her moves on Mishima, who obviously likes Junko; he tells Masako that he has an inseparable relationship with Junko. I wonder what that is. Between Momoe and Arthur, we still don’t know what was that item that Momoe dropped in the previous episode but whatever it is, Arthur tells Momoe that that thing can ruin her good reputation. Momoe apologizes for whatever it is and Arthur tells her that he’ll keep her secret but she has to agree to be his girlfriend. This blackmail is so easy, I’ll agree immediately! haha. In our last so-called couple, Nene visits Junko’s workplace with her friends and they got excited when they saw Hachiya, the so-called Shibuya prince. Pfft. Yuki looks at Nene with familiarity and when she asks for her name, Nene says that she’s Sakuraba Nene. Yuki confirms that she’s Junko’s little sister and instantly befriended her. She even invites her to a party. Hmmm…I smell trouble.

Back at the temple, the Hoshikawa’s along with the monks and Junko are having their meal in an orderly and discipline manner. Junko is the only one who seems to be enjoying her food as she chew and drinks her soup loudly. She gets reprimanded by Hibari, of course, and Junko feels sorry for Takane since he never got to enjoy his meal.

Junko’s day ends with her studying for her promotional exam and Takane plays the dutiful fiance who brings late-night snacks. Takane finds Junko asleep on her table so he carries her to the futon. After removing her glasses, Takane controls the urge not to kiss her, yet he failed, he was poised on kissing her when one monk sees him so he has to stopped his plan. haha. The next day, Takane did a cleansing ritual under a waterfall to wash-away those “evil desires”.

Junko wakes-up to see a flower from Takane  and a note congratulating her on finishing the first day of her wife-in-training. The succeeding days has been easy for Junko, she got used with the temple’s routine and the other monks likes her as well. It was actually cute that when she gets home, the other monks would greet her as if she already belongs there.

On her 5th day, Takane volunteers to drive her to work so she could get some sleep. Junko asks about the flower and he says that its called “euphorbia” (hanakiri), a flower with many meanings and one of them is “hurry kiss”. Ah, so that’s why its hanakiri?! Anyway, Takane decided to come clean and tells Junko that he tried to kiss her while she was sleeping and as an apology, he stayed under the waterfall. Junko tells him that it was better if he stayed quiet since some things are better left unsaid.

Anyway, Junko tries to be cool about it and still rides in Takane’s car so she got shocked when he leans closer so she covers her mouth. haha. As it happens, her door was half-closed so Takane closed it for her and tells her that she didn’t have to be so self-conscious.

Back at the temple, Hibari makes her move of overthrowing Junko by inviting the super nice and super ladylike Kaori in the Temple and she proves to be perfect. Perfect and effortless in every task that Junko failed in Day 1. Oh, Kaori also speaks English well.

At ELA, Masako overhears Takane telling Junko to return to the temple after work and Junko agrees. Masako gives Mishima a call to tell what she heard so Mishima comes to ELA and was obviously angered with the news that Junko is living at the temple. He asks her if she doesn’t want to go to New York anymore and I think that Mishima wants Junko to go to New York because he just received a transfer notice to New York from his company. Mishima wasn’t able to start his speech on Junko since Junko receives an urgent call from Nene.

As it happens, Nene went to the club party, as invited by Yuki and Hachiya, but she got picked-up by a suspicious guy with blonde hair. Yuki is obviously underage so I wonder how she can get into bars while wearing her uniform. Oh well, Junko runs to Nene’s rescue, little did she know, Takane the stalker is tailing her so when things got a bit roughed, Takane arrives to Junko’s rescue and allowed himself to get beaten in a Domyouji and Makino fashion. Remember that scene? Well, Yuki and Hachiya also arrived and Hachiya tells those two guys that they are banned from Shibuya from now on. Okay, does he own Shibuya or something?

The next day was Junko’s exam and the last day of her wife-in-training. Junko have started packing her things since she’s sure that she failed. So when Hibari gives her the verdict, she accepts it easily albeit a bit of sadness in her eyes. Well, the other monks also seem sad that Junko will be leaving the temple. Despite that, Junko still goes to her job interview with enthusiasm and even talked about one particular student of hers- the monk.

The interview went well, almost perfect, so it was heartbreaking when Kiyomiya tells her that she failed the promotion exam. Junko goes to her favorite spot where she eats her lunch when Takane arrives. She tells him about his promise that he’ll stop following her after a week and Takane says that he wasn’t following her, he was simply there to give her a gift. That gift is a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, an exchange on the shoe that Junko broke on her birthday. Also, it’s her gift for finishing the wife-in-training exam as well her promotion exam. Junko asks why Takane is so kind to her and Takane says that it’s because he loves her. Awww….Junko says that it’s the first time that Takae said he loves her.

Back at the temple, Junko is inside her former jail cell to gather her belongings as well as to enjoy a meal with one of the cutest kid in the planet, Sankyu, and two other monks. The monks are enjoying their food- with noise- and even Takane joins by chewing his food with sound.

Afterwards, Junko packs the rest of her things while she still laments about not being chosen. Takane tells her that she’s number one and Junko just agrees with his number one thingy. Takane tells her that his assessment his correct (about Junko passing the New York exam) and that his wishes have been escalated. Junko asks what he meant and Takane says that he has family members among ELA top management and he used his influence so Junko won’t be chosen just because he doesn’t want her to be separated from him.


Dear Junko, please kick his balls, scratch his face, and bury him under that waterfall because he deserves it. Ugh! How can Takane be so smug about what he did?! I so hate Takane now that every nice thing he did for Junko all went down the drain because of this selfish thing he did. He’s supposed to be a man of faith yet this move is downright evil. In fact, except for Arthur and his blackmail on Momoe, every guy here is starting to be detestable. Okay, also except on Sankyu. haha.

On Mishima, I don’t know what he really wants from Junko because frankly, he also has this vibe like Takane who wants control the girl they like even though they don’t have the right to do so. Kiyomiya is spineless for a GM and on Hachiya, what’s so cool about him? Oh and please, stop dragging the girl like they are dogs in a leash and must abide to your bidding! I’m even against this wife-in-training because its not training, it’s like slave in training or courting the guy that you didn’t even like in the first place! After all, Takane is the one who wants marriage so he should be the one suffering and not Junko. Oh well, what can I expect with Aihara Miki’s romance manga?

Anyway, I’m hoping that Junko will make Takane suffer, as in really suffer, and she shouldn’t be so easy in forgiving him. A man that hinders a woman’s dream is not worth it and I hope that Takane learns from his mistake before Junko gets taken by the other detestable guys. Aside from that, I’m looking forward to more screentime between Momoe and Arthur, I’m so curious about Momoe’s secret and my guess remains that it might be a yaoi manga or dvd. haha. To those who have read the manga, don’t spoil this for me. Momoe and Arthur will be one of the few things that I’ll continue to watch this drama.

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  1. Yeah the gender gap in Japan is pretty concerning. ” Japan has one of the worst levels of gender equality in the developed world” And this isn’t really helping. heh~ Please catch up, Japan. We’re all equal here!


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