5-ji Kara 9-ji Made Episode 3

I was prepared to kill Takane from the previous episode but since I’m only human, I guess there’s always a room for forgiveness. Haha. This episode is all about forgiving and more love as Takane tries to woo Junko from that damn thing he did.

Here is a quick recap of 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made : Episode 3

Junko faced Takane’s confession with grace and enough show of anger to make him see and realized what he did and how much he hurt her. Before leaving the place, Junko tells Takane that she will never love or forgive him. Junko goes home with a heavy heart, he recalls every kindness that Takane showed him but she also remembers the worst pain that Takane could inflict to her and that’s making her fail her dream.

She goes to a dinner party with her office mates and Kiyomiya and Momoe looks at her questionably. Anyway, Kiyomiya might still feel partly at fault that Junko failed so to distract her, he gave her the task of organizing their Halloween party. Junko agrees with her additional job and they raised their glass with hopes that they will have the best Halloween party ever. Meanwhile, Takane did nothing but chant some sutras at the temple.

The next day, Junko wakes up at Momoe’s place, half-sober and half-awake, she crawls her way to the bathroom but she’s not even far ahead when pillows and mangas fell overhead. Unknown to Junko, behind the curtain is Momoe’s yaoi collection. Ha, I knew it! Before Momoe could even hide evidence of her fujoshi-self, Junko sees a pillow with two men staring with one another printed on it.

In the end, Momoe comes clean about her weird hobby and Junko even says that it’s not so bad; she even asks Momoe to let her borrow some. Momoe excitedly gives her recommendations and Junko is quite overwhelmed seeing Momoe overly enthusiastic. Momoe tells Junko that since she revealed that side of hers, maybe Junko can also confide what happened between her and the monk.

It’s not just Junko who woke-up at a different place, Mishima woke-up to find himself beside Masako. Both of them are in their birthday suit and Masako’s smile hinted that something did happen last night. Mishima is obviously distress and adding up to his distress was when he saw that he missed a call from Junko. Hmm…I wonder why Junko called him?

So Junko and Momoe goes to work together and Takane is there with a bouquet of flowers. Junko is dead set on ignoring him while Momoe tries to give Takane some needed thrashing but Junko stops her. Takane follows her at ELA, after all, he’s still a student of ELA. Unknown to Junko, Takane have started his own penance by fasting, Sankyu is the recipient of his food, Kaori looks at his fiance with pity while Hibari pretends that nothing is wrong.

Back at ELA, Junko tries to be as professional as possible by still including Takane in her class. The classroom feels cold as she ignores Takane’s tactics to talk to her. In the other class, Momoe is also trying her best to ignore Arthur, in fact, one word from him and it can make her jumpy. In the end, Takane and Arthur finds themselves ignored by the girls they were pinning for.

If the guys are being ignored, Mishima can only hope that Masako will ignore him. However, Masako even tease him about their special night and Junko is happy to see the two getting along so well. Mishima tells Junko not to misunderstand anything and while Mishima tries to explain his side to Junko, Hachiya whispers to Masako that she’s annoying. Ha?

Junko goes home and the Sakuraba’s are in the festive mood for Halloween. Their house is full of pumpkins and the Sakuraba’s seem excited about something. Well, their excitement was shut down when Junko says that she stayed overnight at a friend’s house and the family finds that tidbit boring. Haha. Since there are lots of pumpkins, the family’s dinner has been nothing but pumpkin dishes so Sakuraba-mama asks Junko if Takane likes pumpkins. Upon hearing Takane’s name, Junko says that she will never marry him and she says that with finality.In her room, Junko looks at her pair of Jimmy Choo’s and even though those were given by Takane, she concluded that the shoes are not at fault and decided to keep it. Of course, who would throw Jimmy Choo’s?

Speaking of Takane, he still won’t touch his food and Hibari now looks a bit worried. Grandpa tries to reason-out with Hibari but she pretends that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Takane enters Junko’s former jail cell and Kaori arrives to tell him that she have already sent Junko’s belongings. Takane thanks her and just sat in front of Junko’s door.

The next day, Takane is back to woo Junko by bringing a bento. However, Junko went out with Kiyomiya for a meeting. Meanwhile, Momoe tries to create yaoi stories between two OTPs in the office. Arthur jokes that she’s drooling and Momoe immediately scrambles for her things and leave.

In the end, the two ikemen found themselves in the same predicament, Arthur hears Takane’s tummy is grumbling so Arthur invites Takane for some snack. Since Takane is still fasting, Arthur is the only one who ordered and tells Takane that wooing Junko is easy. He just need to kiss, hug, tell her that she’s cute, and everything will be okay. Okay, what sort of women does Arthur dates? No wonder that Momoe is avoiding him if he has this kind of mentality.

Well, Takane has tried to kiss Junko, he already hugged her but he never told her that she’s cute and that’s where the problem lies. Takane agrees with Arthur’s assumptions where he also compared women to autumn skies; lovely to look at but very unpredictable. Men are so simple-minded. Oh well, Arthur gives Takane an idea and this is when Kiyomiya and Junko arrives.

Thinking that Takane is involving Arthur with his evil plans, Junko goes inside the cafeteria to tell Takane off. Seeing Junko, Arthur decides to mediate and tells Junko that Takane made her a bento as his form of apology. Junko declines the bento and tells Takane that no matter what he do, she won’t forgive him.

In the end, Masako and the girls got the bento and imagine to their surprise when the bento’s contents is full of King Crabs, which is Junko’s favorite. Kiyomiya sees that Junko is suffering deep inside so he invites her for lunch and she immediately agrees. After all, crab is one of her major weakness. Kiyomiya and Junko goes to Junko’s favorite lunch spot and he gives her a cute cupcake as a bonus. Junko smiles and Kiyomiya says that he wanted to see that kind of smile from Junko. He tells her that as his former student, he’s thankful to see her aiming to work abroad where she can gauge her English usage.

Afterwards, the preparations are underway for the Halloween party that Junko is organizing. It’s not just Junko who is preparing for something, looks like Takane is not only busy wooing Junko but he’s also busy about something else. Later on, Takane meets Kiyomiya to talk to him about something and I’m sure that it involves Junko. Hmmm…

The final preparations for the Halloween party are already underway and ELA is close for the day. Junko thanks Arthur and other’s for helping her with last-minute preparations when Junko sees crab origami posted on the window. I think I know who did those. Anyway, Kiyomiya calls Junko and asks her if she have spoken to Takane. Takane’s name is taboo to Junko and to make it worst, Kiyomiya drags Junko to his office to where Takane is. Kiyomiya tells Junko to talk to him in private and closes the door.

While Junko and Takane are inside, Kiyomiya goes to the reception area and you can see in his facial expression that he didn’t want to leave those two alone. The only person who sees Kiyomiya’s internal struggle is Arthur who looks like he has connected the dots.

Inside Kiyomiya’s office, Junko didn’t give Takane a chance to talk further and immediately assumed that he was there to involve Kiyomiya with whatever he selfish thing he was planning. She adds that he’s getting scary and begs him never to appear in front of her again. Without any protests, Takane simply agrees and leaves the place.

When Takane is gone, Kiyomiya asks Junko if she spoke properly with Takane, Junko says that she didn’t and that she’s sorry for involving them (Kiyomiya and Arthur). Kiyomiya decided to tell the truth and tells Junko that the one who failed her was not Takane but Hibari. In fact, Takane goes to ELA everyday and tries to talk with the top management to see if they can reverse their decision. Arthur adds that aside from that, Takane is also responsible with most of their Halloween decorations particularly the crabs origami; making decorations was Arthur’s advice to Takane so Junko will reconcile with him.

Well, the Halloween party goes on as plan the next day with Junko as the organizer. Junko tells Yuki and Hachiya that they can be the best couple with their cute costumes, and Hachiya has to clarify that they are not a couple. Then Mishima arrives, without a costume, and tells Junko that he has something to tell her later. The party’s program is about to start when Sankyu arrives with two other monks from the temple. As it happens, Takane will be leaving-for good.

Takane tells his equally selfish grandmother that he’s leaving to go to the mountains and live the life in seclusion in accordance with Buddhist doctrine. Leaving the society means that the family will never see him again and even though Hibari wants to go against his wishes, Takane has cemented his resolved. Well, whatever resolved he has been shattered when Junko arrives to stop him.

Junko tells him that it was not his fault that she failed, but Takane admits that he was partly happy when she failed and that is part of his guilt. Junko says that it’s fine, she doesn’t care about it anymore, and that she won’t forgive him if he just disappear from her life. Well, the two stand in silence for a moment and it was too late for Junko to take back what she just said when she realized what those words implied.

Takane tells her that she’s cute, haha, that she’s cute when she’s angry, crying, eating, cleaning, when she’s with her family and so, she’s always cute. Following Arthur’s earlier instructions, Takane hugs her and after the hug comes the kiss but Junko immediately put a stop to it. Awww…Well, she looks at the time and grabs Takane’s hand as they run back to ELA for the party.

The two arrives as the reindeer and the crab, how cute, while everyone is playing bingo(?). Well, we can see some looks of envy from Mishima, to Yuki, and bit on Kiyomiya’s side. Arthur goes to Kiyomiya’s and asks if it’s okay that Junko is being taken away. Which side are you Arthur? Kiyomiya denies any romantic feelings for Junko and Arthur tells him that if it was him, he’ll do everything so she won’t be taken away. At this part, Momoe gives Arthur a side glance. Hmmm….

Anyway, Takane congratulated Junko for making him a laughingstock. He tells her to get everyone’s addresses so they can invite them to their wedding banquet. haha. Junko tells him that it’s too early and Takane agrees just because they have to do the ceremony first. So Junko clarifies to him that they have to start with the proper procedure and they should start with their friends. Well, the two are becoming too comfortable with one another and those who like Junko are getting threatened. Yuki goes to Junko to say that she will be confessing something, only for Mishima to drag Junko away from the party.

Mishima brings Junko back to ELA’s office and before anything else, he kisses her, in front of Takane, Yuki, Hachiya, and an observing Kiyomiya nearby.


What’s with this development?! This is becoming a love pentagon with Takane, Mishima,Yuki, and Kiyomiya vying for Junko’s heart. Kiyomiya is still an observer so far and yeah, I’ve totally forgiven Takane for everything. Haha. I don’t know what’s Hibari’s problem, if Junko passed and she goes to New York then she has to leave Takane and she can pushed Kaori then. Why she has to fail her? Ugh.

Junko and Takane aside, the Momoe x Arthur love story is still slow, Arthur hasn’t really been pushing himself and Momoe is still avoiding him. I love that Arthur isn’t so aggressive yet, giving Momoe some space but I think that he’ll be moving soon recalling his earlier advice to Kiyomiya on how he must do everything for the girl he likes. Anyway, I do read yaoi now and then but I’m not as fanatic as Momoe where I will pair up every men.haha. But I also think that I will be embarrassed if a guy finds out I’m reading those kind of stuff. Haha. Speaking of OTPs, Momoe should see Arthur and Takane together and she might suffer from projectile nosebleed. Oh, I’m so sorry for calling Kiyomiya spineless in the previous episode, he’s not spineless, he’s just Mr. Nice Guy and from what I know with Mr. Nice Guy’s is that they finished last. 

Okay, I think its safe to say that Junko sort of agrees that she’ll be marrying Takane since they were talking about starting with their friends before this episode ended. I think that it’s going to be a circus since Takane has a lot of, uhm, adversaries. I’m really bothered about Mishima and Yuki since they look like the type of people who hold grudges if they don’t get what they want. Speaking of Yuki and Hachiya, I think this is the first time that they made clear that they are not a couple since everybody thinks that they are dating . I also wonder why Hachiya told Masako that she’s annoying, do they have past? Or did Yuki said that and Hachiya simply passed on her feelings?

All in all, this is a pretty good episode and I look forward to see Momoe and Arthur at the temple together with Junko.

Usual credits apply. 


One thought on “5-ji Kara 9-ji Made Episode 3

  1. I think junko still not agree with marriage but will give Takane chance (she seems to like him a bit now or feel guilty?). In the end, She like lets start off as friend (like our friends) with that he can take step further. but ugh Mishima steal the kiss first :/
    Momoe is amusing girl, she really crazy with yaoi XD
    Looking forward to next episode. I wonder if Takane angry with the kiss or act plain as usual,also two weirdest pairing at temple live too.


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