Terra Formars Releases Official Poster and Movie Date

The visual looks so cool!

As reported earlier, Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi joined the cast of live action adaptation of “Terra Formars” where he will play a human who can transform to a desert locust. The movie depicts the battle between humanoid cockroaches and the humanity to regain Mars.


As seen from the released visuals, you can see the crew of Komachi Shokichi (Ito Hideaki) landed on moldy Mars with Akita Nanao (Takei Emi), Hiruma Ichiro (Yamada Takayuki), Muto Jin (Yamapi), and a hologram of Honda Ko (Oguri Shun). The four are wearing spacesuits and each one of them can transform to an insect to fight the humanoid cockroaches in front of them. The rest of the crew, Kosugi Kane, Kikuchi Rinko, Kato Masaya, Koike Eiko,Shinoda Mariko, Takito Kenichi, Ohta Rina, and Fukushima Rila, also underwent special surgeries that will give them special abilities

As I said earlier, the visuals look cool, Yamapi looks younger with his cropped cut and boy-next-door appeal. Oguri looks unrecognizable but he looks so chic for a hologram. As for Yamada, it looks like he’s ready to transform. The rest are looking so fine and well, futuristic. Now, I’m looking forward to a newer and better trailer.

Terra Formars” will be Japan’s first movie filmed in Iceland, Takashi Miike (Mogura no Uta) is the movie’s director, and the will hit the theaters on Apr 29, 2016.

via Cinema Today and Terra Formars website


2 thoughts on “Terra Formars Releases Official Poster and Movie Date

  1. The poster looks good and what bunch of cool cast. Agree, yamapi looks different vibe and younger with those hair. very different with his character on 5ji 9ji Lol
    I hope the movie turn good too, with the promising cast.

    Liked by 1 person

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