TOKIO and Arashi Joins V6 in their 20th Anniversary Concert

The place was swarming with ikemen idols, how did the audience handled that? Oh, Ikuta looks so fine in casual btw.

Last Nov 1st, V6 had the final day of their “V6 Live Tour 2015 ~Since 1995~FOREVER” at Tokyo’s Yoyogi First Gymnasium. The day marks the 20th anniversary of the group since they debuted back in 1995.

Showing their support are Arashi, TOKIO, Hey!Say!JUMP, Ikuta Toma, and A.B.C-Z‘s Totsuka Shota. During the encore of V6’s “TAKE ME HIGHER”, Arashi appeared onstage ,wearing black t-shirt and white jeans, and served as V6’s backup dancers. Before Arashi debuted, the group served as backup dancers of V6. Arashi even bought old videos of V6 through the group’s FC members so they can practice “TAKE ME HIGHER’s” choreography.


Inohara Yoshihiko thanked Arashi for being their backup dancers and for even coming to the rehearsal that morning. Sakurai Sho also congratulated V6 in their 20th anniversary and called themselves as V6’s children.

In a related news, V6’s Inohara Yoshihiko has been officially appointed as the White Team chairman for this year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen. This is the first time that Inohara will host NHK’s annual singing contest while Red Team chair, Ayase Haruka, will be her 2nd time.

Congratulations V6!

via Nikkan Sports 1 and 2 | Image credit : maakunsenpai

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