Rumor Round-Up (Digest 023)

There are not so interesting rumors from Johnny’s land lately, the papz are probably having a hiatus and are busy with their next target. However, there are still few that caught my interest because it involves rumored relationships and we all like these kind of gossips. haha. Involved parties are: Chinen Yuri and Ikuta Toma.

  • Hey!Say!JUMP’s Chinen Yuri parties with AKB girls.

As reported earlier, Chinen Yuri was seen drinking alone in a bar at Roppongi. I’m sure that everyone is relieved that he was alone; however, last Halloween is a different matter. Rumor has it that the youngest and baby-faced JUMP member attended a pre-Halloween party on 28th to 29th at a bar called “iara”. According to a Facebook post, “Chi-chan” went to the bar with a girl who works as an idol choreographer, and moonlight as a DJ, but generally an unknown star. That’s harsh. Aside from that, Chinen also attended a private birthday party of a talento named Chiaki. The two met during “24 Hr TV” and Chiaki thanked Chinen (in her blog post) as one of the attendees of her birthday bash. So much for being private. In the party, AKB48‘s Minegishi Minami and NGT48‘s Kitahara Rie were also in attendance. Some fans are worried if it’s okay or safe for Chinen to be in the same party as Minegishi and Kitahara. Aside from AKB girls, there’s also Sano Hinako in the party, Chinen’s co-star in “Jigoku Sensei“, and is rumored to be getting close to Chinen.

Some fans tend to overreact in an AKB member is involve. It’s not like Minegishi and Kitahara will swarm around Chinen and so. As for Sano, well, I don’t really like her so Chinen better stay away from her. haha. 

  • Ikuta Toma and Seino Nana were seen on a date

Ikuta Toma and his “Ouroboros” co-star, Seino Nana, were rumored to be dating after Seino was seen visiting Ikuta’s apartment. Anyway, there’s no follow-up after since both of them chose to kept mum about it. Well, the most recent sighting of the elusive rumored couple is when they ate at a high-end, long standing eel restaurant in Tokyo. The two were joined by Kasahara Hideyuki, who co-starred with them in the 4th episode of Ouroboros.

As long as they are happy, I’m okay with this couple. XD

via Cyzo Woman and Johnny’s-Watcher


4 thoughts on “Rumor Round-Up (Digest 023)

  1. Thank you for these news, it’s always interesting !
    About Chiaki, I think that She was in the same class as Chinen, Yuto and Yamada in Horikoshi High School, so I think they are still friends.


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