Rants & Raves : Hot Pot and Kotatsu

Christmas is coming soon and in my country, Christmas is a huge deal. So huge that preparing for it as of this moment is considered late. haha. Anyway, I noticed that while I’m busy for Christmas, in Johnny’s land, everyone is busy with New Year preparations with all those countdowns, New Year SP’s, and with the chilly weather, it means hot pot and kotatsu! It makes me want to watch Ouran High School Host Club and Nodame. Love it!

Anyway, here is my occasional Rants & Raves : Hot Pot and Kotatsu

  • Only★Star made a ranking on which group you want to eat a hot pot with. Arashi took the top spot followed by TOKIO, SMAP, Kanjani8, V6, Golden Bomber, KAT-TUN, Kis-My-Ft2, KinKi Kids, and Hey!Say!JUMP.

Rants : I prefer if this ranking is about “who do you want to cuddle with under a kotatsu?”

Raves : Or “who do you want to cuddle with under a kotatsu after you enjoy a hot pot?”

Rants : I change my mind, I’d go with “what ingredients do you want in your hot pot?”

Raves : If we talk about food, I think that I would love to eat hot pot with Kanjani8 since they seem to be voracious eaters. I mean, they always have pictures taken while they dine-out.

Rants : Well, if you talk about voracious eaters, then I’d go with KAT-TUN since they seem to have a good appetite in TameTabi.

  • In “TegoMass no Radio”, Masuda Takahisa shared that fail his driving license twice until he finally passed on the third try. 

Rants : Better than not having a license at all, I’m talking about Ohno.

Raves : Ohno is happy with his bike and I don’t have driving license as well. Well, I’m sure that there will be girls who are more than willing to be Masu’s personal chauffeur.

Rants : Masu should have used his charm to passed the driving test, with a smile like his, I’m pretty sure that he could get away with anything.


  • The kick-ass trailer for “Hissatsu Shigotonin” New Year SP is now out! Noriyuki Higashiyama, TOKIO’s Matsuoka Masahiro, and Hey!Say!JUMP’s Chinen Yuri reprises their Edo-era assassins in this 2015 SP. Check it our HERE.

Rants : Chinen looks so cool while the rest are old.

Raves : Noriyuki and Maboo are old but they are still HOT!

Rants : Oh well, the stills look awesome. Love the fire in their eyes.

  • NEWS’s Shigeaki Kato’s short story collection, “Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa (Ants Without Umbrellas)“, will be made in to a drama SP starring equally gorgeous Kiriyama Ren. [For an excerpt about the book, check-out Shige’s interview in this translation]

Rants : I wonder if Shige is getting paid for this and surprise, the lead will not be someone from Johnny’s.

Raves : Congrats Shige! After his two books, I’m actually more interested in reading these short story collections. Aside from the stories are about sex and relationships…

Rants : …and BOYS LOVE! I wonder if Shige has his senpais and kouhais in mind. Hmmm…

Raves : You wonder about everything, Shige just have a creative mind.

That’s all for now….I’m craving for some hot pot. I’m leaving you with Okura and Maru caught flirting. OMG Okura!




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