Tamamori Yuta Gets a Surprise Greeting from Kis-My-Ft2

All the love and support from his fellow members!

Kis-My-Ft2‘s Tamamori Yuta attended the first day stage greeting of his movie, “Raintree no Kuni“, together with his leading lady Nishiuchi Mariya. “Raintree no Kuni” is Tamamori’s first movie role and he commented that he felt stress and tension during the filming. However, he now felt 80% excitement and the remaining 20% is more of tension.

Based on  Arikawa Hiro’s novel, “Raintree no Kuni” tells the pure love story between two people who have never met.Tamamori plays the role of Sakisaka Nobuyuki, a salary man from a food company who starts exchanging emails with the owner of “Rain Tree no kuni” blog named Hitomi (Nishiuchi).

After the movie screening, Tamamori received a surprise video message from his fellow Kis-My-Ft2 members. Kitayama Hiromitsu teased him with “kyun”, Fujigaya Taisuke is more serious as he tells Tamamori how proud he is for him, while Miyata Toshiya feels a bit jealous with Nishiuchi because it’s like Tamamori has been taken from him. haha.

Anyway, “Raintree no Kuni” is showing in 100 theaters across Japan.

via Asahi

“kyun” is a slang for like a pure girl falling in love or something similar.


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