Junno Taguchi Announces Departure from KAT-TUN

Sad news, something that I totally didn’t expect…

KAT-TUN‘s Junnosuke Taguchi announces that he will be leaving KAT-TUN in spring of 2016. Junno made the announcement during “Best Artist 2016” where KAT-TUN is one of the performers.

Before KAT-TUN’s performance, Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho, the show’s MC, tells the audience that Junno has an announcement to make. Junno took over and says that he will be leaving KAT-TUN (and Johnny’s) in spring of next year. The venue was filled with heartbreaking surprise, of course, who wouldn’t?! Junno adds that he’s almost 30 and he’s thinking on how he should live his life in the future. Junno also apologized to his fellow members.

Sakurai took over again and says that it’s not just in the venue, but the entire nation must be in shock with the sudden announcement. Kamenashi Kazuya also took over and apologized to everyone, from officials to fans, and to NTV for using the station’s time to make an announcement.

In 2010, Akanishi Jin left the group to focus on his solo career, then Tanaka Koki was fired from Johnny’s in 2013. KAT-TUN will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year, which is in time of Junno’s departure from KAT-TUN and Johnny’s Entertainment.

Okay, I’m still freaking-out. Seriously freaking-out. Did Junno’s girlfriend got pregnant or something and he needs to get married?! Well, for those who haven’t seen the announcement, Kame looks seriously pissed when they went onstage, I’m sure that they were told on what is going to happen, and it’s just too sudden and why it must be done on national TV?! I’m full of questions now, I hope it can be answered in due time.

Check-out the announcement, HERE.

via jnews1 | Image credit to mango-k


9 thoughts on “Junno Taguchi Announces Departure from KAT-TUN

  1. I don’t think kame was pissed…I think he was trying really hard to keep himself together. His voice cracking when singing the first note omg.

    Anyway, as a fan I’m honestly feeling kind of bitter. Not at taguchi himself, but this whole situation that’s happening again… I think the reason taguchi’s leaving is because he wants to get married and start a family. The “proper” way. His girlfriend is already in her 30s? If they want to have children it has to be now. The agency probably couldn’t allow it and taguchi probably don’t want his child to be born out of a shotgun so… I respect him as a person really, but ofc at the same time, as a fan I can’t help but feel slightly bitter over everything.

    Well, hopefully KAT-TUN would still continue as three and not disband. Seeing them three during the announcement and performance was really painful…. I’ll continue to support them if they do resume activities as a group!


    • I believe that Kame and Jin were given more projects but still, it’s not just happening in KT, members from other groups were also given preferential treatment but they still choose to stay.


    • I sort of agree with you here, though i wouldn’t go so far as to call it a resentment, more like a disappointment or he has lost hopes. From what Junno said, it’s like he feels that what he’s doing now is not enough. And i’d say that has to do with him not getting many opportunities over these several years and he can’t wait to see if it’d get better anymore. I can totally understand him wanting to make a change for a better, for him and for others he care for. I’m really really sad to see him go, it hurts me much more than when Jin or Koki left, but i say ‘You go Junno, make of your life what you want’. i do think he’s brave. often people are too scared to make changes even if they’re not satisfied with their circumstances. Especially given his situation and to come out and announce it himself like that. Jin’s and Koki’s ways were much more disappointing. I can understand them wanting to leave if they want something else but the ways they went about it were just really in poor manner. I really wish Junno and the other three the best.


  2. It seems that Ueda and Nakamaru tried to convince Junno to stay several times but he had already made his decision. I understand and agree that Junno is free to choose his own life and I hope good things will happen to him. I’m also confused about the choice of the place to announce it, national tv really ? But at least he had the guts to face his fans and public, and offer a last (?) perf as 4nin. I’m thinking of RyôPi in comparaison who didn’t face anyone really.

    I want to wish him the best but I’m so concerned about Kame Naka and Tatsu, a trio seems so out of place idk. We have to prepare ourselves to a disbandment, even if I wish they don’t =(


    • I don’t think it was the last performance since I think that he will still be joining KT for 10th anniv before he goes sayonara~ about RyoPi, well its a different situation, they are still in JE compared to Junno who probably wants to live the entertainment industry entirely


  3. I was so shock when I heard this news. It was more shocking than Jin and Koki left KAT-TUN. I mean, after the spring concert news, new CM, possibility of new single because of kame’s new drama and then this……………
    I never and can’t predict this kind of news at all, especially the one who is going to leave is Junno. I hope junno will be happy with his decision and the remaining 3 member as KAT-TUN will be strong. Hyphens will be always there for KAT-TUN.
    WE ARE~ KAT-TUN!! *holding hands*


  4. So first I freaked out, thought it was a joke, then cried. Then read all of their comments, felt incredibly angry at Taguchi and hurt for the members who tried so hard to persuade him to stay. Watched the announcement then their performance, cried some more, was upset some more and now I’m currently numb. As a hyphen I feel helpless, I can’t even think about what happens next because I’m barely comprehending what just happened.


  5. I am really shock when I heard this news in twitter at the first time. After the new CM, spring concert news, possibility of new single because of kame’s drama and then this news… I can’t expect it’s gonna be like this, especially it will be Junno who is leaving KAT-TUN now. I hope JE won’t disband KAT-TUN. Hyphens will always be there for KAT-TUN. WE ARE~ KAT-TUN *holding hands*


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