Nagase Tomoya’s Rock Band from Hell Gets a CD Debut

The only band from hell that I will listen to…

As earlier reported, TOKIO‘s Nagase Tomoya will be starring in the movie “TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” together with Kamiki Ryunosuke and to be directed by Kudo Kankuro. In the movie, Nagase plays Killer K, guitarist and vocalist of Jigoku-zu, and adviser of Music Club from Hell’s Agricultural High School. He will meet Daisuke (Kamiki), a high school student who died too early before he could confess his feelings to a girl he likes. Killer K will then help Daisuke to get back his unrequited love.

In lieu to the movie, “Jigoku-zu” will not only be singing the movie’s theme song, they will also be having a CD debut. Nagase will be in character as Killer K for this CD debut. Nagase will take charged as the vocalist and guitarist and he will be joined by Daisuke (Kamiki) in guitars, Jako (Seino Nana) in bass, and COZY (Kiritani Kenta) in drums. Jigoku-zu’s debut single is titled “TOO YOUNG TO DIE ! jigoku no uta jigoku” that will be released on Feb 3rd next year.

via jnews1



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