Kamenashi Kazuya Stars as a Thief in his New Drama + Plays Guitar in New CM

If all thieves is like Kame then I’ll leave my door open. haha.

It was announced that KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya will star in NTV‘s “Kaito Yamaneko (Phantom Thief)” that will air on Jan 16 next year. The said drama is based from Kaminaga Manabu‘s “Kaito Tantei Yamaneko” series, Kaminaga is also the author of “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo”.



“Kaito Yamaneko” tells the story of a genius thief¬†who steals fortunes from the bad guys, exposes their dirty deeds, and he does all these by using a brilliant trick. You might think that this is like Yamapi’s “Kurosagi”, but the difference is that no one hires Yamaneko to steal and he gets all the loot. “Kaito Yamaneko” is Kamenashi’s comeback drama with NTV since “Tokyo Bandwagon“.

In other Kamenashi-related news, Kame have been appointed as an image model of the jewelry brand called “Bijoude“. Kamenashi will be featured in the company’s newest CM wearing their items such as bracelet, necklace, and ring. Also in the CM, Kamenashi will be¬†singing Bijoude’s song titled “VANILLAKISS” while playing the guitar. Bijoude’s brand new website will be coming-up is less than 20 hours so expect to see Kamenashi in it soon.

Anyway, “Kaito Yamaneko (Phantom Thief)” will air on Jan 16th on NTV at 09:00 PM (JST).

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