Nakajima Yuto and Kamiyama Tomohiro Joins the Cast of “Nobunaga Moyu”

Yuto is a proof that if you’re an ikemen, even a chonmage wouldn’t make you ugly. The same goes to Higashiyama and Kamiyama.

It was reported that Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Nakajima Yuto and Johnny’s WEST‘s Kamiyama Tomohiro will join their senpai, Higashiyama Noriyuki, in TV Tokyo‘s New Year period drama “Nobunaga Moyu“. TV Tokyo has been doing a period drama every New Year since 1979 but this is the first time for Johnny’s to star in it.


Based from Abe Ryutaro‘s popular novel, “Nobunaga Moyu” tells the story of the famous warlord, Oda Nobunaga, which is set 1 and half years before the equally famous Honno-ji incident. Higashiyama will play the titular role where he will fell in love with Haruko Kajuji (Chiaki Kuriyama), the wife of the Imperial Prince.

Nakajima and Kamiyama will play as brothers, Mori Ranmaru and Boumaru, respectively, as well as Oda’s close associates. During the press conference, Higashiyama joked that Nakajima and Kamiyama will even have a CD debut in a new unit.

Nobunaga Moyu (Nobunaga on Fire)” will air on Jan 2, 2016 starting on 09:00 (JST)

via jnews1


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