Rumor Round-Up 024

Since I’ll be attending loads of holiday parties this week, here are some juicy rumor that would either move you or not. Involved parties, are: Junno Taguchi, Takada Sho, and Sexy Zone.

  • Is Komine Rena pregnant?

After KAT-TUN‘s Junno Taguchi shocking announcement that he will officially leave KAT-TUN and Johnny’s Entertainment in Spring, rumor have started swirling that one of the reason is his long-time girlfriend Komine Rena. Rumor has it that there’s a bun in the oven and that the two bought a new home in an upscale residential area.  A recent photo taken (see above^^) shows the Komine is fuller than her past self. Furthermore, an acquaintance of Komine said that she has banned drinking (alcohol?) at home and bought loads of tea and non-caffeinated drinks, which could only mean that she’s pregnant.

While I believe that Komine is one of the reasons that Junno is leaving, I think the pregnancy rumor is exaggerated a bit. Looking at the picture, they used an old pic for comparison, and it’s also likely that she looks full because of those layered clothing. Also, Komine runs a holistic shop so it’s no brainer if she starts drinking tea and so and not because she’s preggo. Nonetheless, if ever she’s pregnant then congratulations, I’m sure that the baby will look adorable! 

Takada Sho with Morimoto Shintaro
  • Is Johnny’s Junior Takada Sho the next Ikuta Toma?

Johnny’s Junior Takada Sho is currently starring in two dramas, “Seishun Tantei Haruya” and “Siren”, and rumor has it that he’s wants to be the next Ikuta Toma. Takada may be known as the “junior that does not dance” but he has starred in several dramas and movies these past few years. It’s no brainer that he got into acting than dancing since he was part of “Shiki Theater Company” before he entered Johnny’s. Rumor has it that Iijima is set on bartering Takada with SMAP and Kis-My-Ft2 so that his acting reputation will get better.

Hmmm…so I’ve seen him in both dramas mentioned and all I can say is that he has a long way to go…

  • Sexy Zone has moved to Julie Faction and Kikuchi Fuma might be drop from the group?

Sexy Zone‘s Kikuchi Fuma will be starring alongside SMAP‘s Katori Shingo in the winter drama “Kazoku no Katachi” and this fuels the rumor that Kikuchi will be drop from Sexy Zone. After all, Sexy Zone has moved to Julie’s faction while SMAP has always been in Iijima’s faction so the fact Kikuchi is still a barter with SMAP means something else. Also, some fans wanted Sexy Zone to stay with Iijima since they’ve seen some “equality” among the five members unlike in Julie’s, there will surely be disparity.

Factions are really something. I’m not really into Sexy Zone but despite all the issues about their group, it’s a miracle that they are still together. I guess it’s because they are still young and they don’t see themselves talking about the future of their group. As for Fuma, I hope that the faction won’t hinder the younger one’s from staring in their senpai’s dramas so that they will be able to learn more.

via biglobe, Cyzo Woman, and Johnny’s-Watcher


6 thoughts on “Rumor Round-Up 024

  1. I read few rumors that kisumai,sexy zone,ebi,yuma will move to julie bit by bit from now and next year and that in the end Iijima will only take SMAP+Yamapi on her side and prepare leave J&A with them. I hope the rumors not true. What their plan actually?
    I hate johnnys and their faction split. I miss their old peace days.


  2. 1. If she is pregnant I wouldn’t even know how to feel. I’m a hyphen and I still can’t comprehend his leaving, it feels like a cruel joke.

    2. Factions suck, but seriously make Sexy Zone 5 members again…this 3 member stuff is getting old and I don’t even follow them


  3. and I dont know why ppl said sz moved to Julie while they not in many events with Julie like best artist, Zeus show, they not in Arashi, K8’s drama like HSJ, Johnny’s WEST. and best for them to stay with Ijima, she used many gimmick to push their sale, if they change to Juile, sale will drop like Newton’s apple


  4. Kento appeared in MOMM last night with Nakai, so sz will not move to Julie
    and I dont know if sz move to Julie and Fuma drop, he stay with Michi for what? his acting is not good to be an actor, beside, his looking… I not said he’s ugly but he’s not handsome to become Yamapi-still-popular-with-poor-acting-skill


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