Fujigaya Taisuke headlines “MARS”

Japan finally has their “MARS” version!

It was reported that Kis-My-Ft2‘s Fujigaya Taisuke will star in the upcoming TV adaptation of “MARS~tada kimi o aishiteru~“. Written by Soryo Fuyumi, “MARS” is a popular manga that was also adapted into TV drama in Taiwan back in 2004. It tells the pure love story between Aso Kira and Kashino Rei.

In the drama, Fujigaya will be playing the role of Rei, a troubled playboy and professional motorcycle racer, who meets an introverted art student named Kira (Iitoyo Marie). The drama also stars Masataka Kubota as Kirishima Masao, a sociopath who has a secret longing for Rei as well as Kira.


Rounding-up the cast are Yamazaki Hirona, Inaba Yu, Maeda Goki, Suzuki Yuuka, Ayano Mika, Okunaka Makoto, and Kikawada Masaya.

Though I’m happy that Japan will be having their own version, I’m not sure that Fujigaya is suitable for the role. Physically, my image of Rei is way above Fujigaya, I’m not belittling him but really, it’s beyond. Also, the promos for this drama screams bromance between Kirishima and Rei and not the supposed love story between Kira and Rei. I think that they’ll be changing a bit in the storyline, though I’m not really sure about that. Also, the actress is really young, I’m not sure if she can perfectly portray Kira’s complicated life. Anyway, I’ll hold all the judgement for now and let’s see what they can do about this.


MARS~tada kimi o aishiteru~” will air on Jan 24, 2016 at 12:55 past midnight (JST).

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5 thoughts on “Fujigaya Taisuke headlines “MARS”

  1. it is difficult to find a japanese actor to play rei because rei looks in the manga very western guy like american or european.


  2. why you are so judgemental about it? i m a person who finds good things and bad things in every drama series. i m all so going to give a chance to show his work and maybe he is going to suprise me. examble in itazura na kiss adaptations taiwanese is most loyal to the manga and the chemistry is best but the main girl should have been cuter. japanese the main caracters was perfect but it missing couple funny scenes and korean version the girl was cute but there was not chemistry shown and kissing scenes was to fake i mean that they wasn`t natural it was like two statues kissing than humans. so i will going to watch this with open mind and heart.


    • Why am I judgemental about it? Because I’m a fan of the manga, I’ve read it in one seating, even cried from most of its parts so I always hope that if it becomes a drama, it’ll be as perfect. In contrast to ItaKiss, I’ve watched the TW version without knowledge that there’s a manga so I was able to watch it without any comparisons and it remains to be my favorite TW drama to date. Also, I never said that I will not be watching this, read my post up to the last line. I try to see every Johnny’s existing drama as its best and as its worsts, I’ve seen 3 dramas of Fujigaya and so I know how he acts. So far, who knows if he’ll be able to deliver a surprise.


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