Bits & Pieces 031

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a bit late for this greeting but I was still having some Holiday hangover and I was too lazy to start blogging. Anyway, there were lots of stuff that happened in the Johnny’s fandom so I’ll try to squeeze them all in this Bits & Pieces and hopefully, they are still relevant. Involved parties are: Ninomiya Kazunari, Yamapi, KAT-TUN, Hamada Takahiro, and basically Johnny’s in general.

Here is Bits & Pieces 031

  • Congratulations to Arashi‘s Ninomiya Kazunari for winning the “Best Actor” award in the 89th Kinema Junpo. Nino won the award for his performance in the movie “Haha to Kuraseba” (Nagasaki: memories of my son / Living with my mother). Consequently, the movie also place in the 9th spot out of Top 10 best movies in Japan for 2015.

  • Everyone was screaming when Yamapi appeared in 2015-2016’s Johnny’s Countdown where he performed the unforgettable “Seishun Amigo” with KAT-TUN‘s Kamenashi Kazuya. Now, Yamapi gives us another reason to scream by releasing his first-ever “best album” titled “YAMA-P“. Frankly, doing a “best of album” seems pretty early for his solo career so let’s see how this one will turned out. Among the songs that will be included in Yamapi’s best is the ending theme of the anime “Itoshi no muko” titled “Dreamer“.
  • Speaking of theme songs, KAT-TUN will be performing the theme song for Kamenashi Kazuya‘s drama “Kaito Yamaneko” titled “UNLOCK“. Though this new song is a good news, it also means that this will be one of their last songs before Junno bids farewell.
  • Speaking of Johnny’s Countdown, 2015’s-2016’s kaukon got an average of 12.5% in ratings, which is pretty much higher compared to past years. While the Kinki Kids’s medley is the show’s highlight, the fans got more excited with “hatsuyume 2 shot BEST 5 happyō” featuring combis that made the fans screamed. Personal favorite would be Kame x Yamapi, MatsuJun x  Kawai, and Subaru x Tackey. 

  • Johnny’s WEST Hamada Takahiro will be starring in his first solo stage play, “uta kigeki/ ichi Saburo onsen yado no koi“. The comedy play will be about hot springs. An onsen onstage, why not? Oh, is he gonna be naked? haha
  • What you didn’t see before Johnny’s Countdown 2015-2016 aired? Well, there were lot of performances highlighting younger groups. Johnny’s WEST did four songs, Nakayama Yuma performed 2 songs, and Sexy Zone, ABC-Z, and Kis-My-Ft2 did three.

That’s all for now, here’s something rom Johnny’s Countdown with KAT-TUN performing Kisumai’s “SHE!HER!HER!”


2 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces 031

  1. welcome back!! jcd was the best and highlight of all new year shows. they really delivered! I wonder what will happen next year?

    did you see the new cliff climber on vs 嵐??? it’s amazing!


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