Rumor Round-Up 025

My first rumor round-up for 2015 and while Kitagawa Keiko x DAIGO’s wedding is biggest news in Japanese showbiz, let’s talk about something shocking and well, normal. Involved parties are Tegoshi Yuya, Sakurai Sho, and Johnny’s (who smokes) in general.

(c) graphicabyss
  • NEWS’s Tegoshi Yuya attended an orgy in Guam?

Rumor has it that the most feminine among members of NEWS went partying and drinking in Guam last September. One of partygoers is a woman named “A” who saw Tegoshi flirting, drinking, and stripping to his birthday suit- by the beach- and starts kissing his chosen partner for the night. The sea breeze might have inspired Tegoshi and he started singing “Sen no Kaze ni Natte”; however, if you think that was romantic, the girl who was kissed by Tegoshi said that his package is the smallest she has seen.

Verdict : Shocking…this entire tidbit and not just the last sentence. 

  • Sakurai Sho went to Finland while MatsuJun was seen shopping to start his married life with Inoue Mao?

Rumor has it that Arashi‘s Sakurai Sho went to Finland 1-2 months before this story was published. A twitter user posted that someone who looks like Sho was seen at Helsinki Airport. Traveling is normal but rumor has it that Sakurai traveled with a girlfriend! Fans are quick to write this one-off since based from Sakurai’s super hectic schedule, it’s impossible that he has time to travel all the way to Finland.

If Sakurai was rumored to be in Finland with his imaginary girlfriend, Matsumoto Jun and forever rumored girlfriend/fiance, Inoue Mao, were reportedly seen happily taking snaps in their apartment’s entrance. They are not living together but the place is rumored to be their residence once they get married. Moreover, the two were also seen buying appliances for their home.

Verdict : Normal. Especially the Maotsujun rumor since something always come out every year. Still, I wish they are an item. 

(c) ohyeahhellyeah-blog
  • Smoking among Johnny’s vs No smoking in EXILE

There are lots of smokers in Johnny’s, let’s start with Kimura Takuya who can be seen smoking in every one of his TV dramas. There’s also Ohno Satoshi, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Sakurai Sho in Arashi who still smokes. Aiba Masaki reportedly stopped the bad habit while Jun is not smoking (I’m sure he did smoke). There’s also SMAP‘s Nakai Masahiro, who should probably quit since his dad died of throat cancer. Oh well, let’s not start on Johnny’s doing underage smoking and so. Smoking seems a norm in Johnny’s but not in EXILE. In fact, EXILE’s President HIRO have a non-smoking policy among members since it might affect their performance and everybody followed suit. Rumor has it that EXILE should also refrain from driving to avoid accident.

Verdict : Normal, smoking is normal in Johnny’s and I really hope that a lot of them would stop. It’s very unhealthy. 

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