Kimura Takuya Suffers an Injury while Filming “Blade of the Immortal”

That hurts!

As earlier reported, SMAP‘s Kimura Takuya will be starring in Takashi Miike’s adaptation of “Mugen no Junin” (Blade of the Immortal). In the movie, Kimura plays a masterless and immortal samurai who grew tired of killing.


According to reports, Kimura fell and hit his right knee on a gravel that caused damaged to his right knee ligament. Despite his injury, Kimura still managed to film an intense sword fight with 100 people while dragging his right leg and with the help of painkiller injections. Kimura will need a month of recuperation before he can resume filming.

Kimura is in the middle of a disbandment crisis with SMAP and with this news, he’s really a pro. Get well soon!

via jnews1 


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