Okura Tadayoshi Suspends his Tour Appearance due to Intestinal Obstruction

Okay, so we have another “injured” in Johnny’s world.

Kanjani8 is currently wrapping-up their “Kanjani8 no genki ga deru LIVE!!” in Kyocera Dome, Osaka  but Okura Tadayoshi wouldn’t be able to finish it. Okura didn’t join the group for their final performance on Jan 17th due to intestinal obstruction.

According to reports, Okura complained of abdominal pain last Jan 16th but he still went on to do his radio program, “All Night Nippon Saturday Special” with Takahashi Yu. Okura ignore the pain overnight before he went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction. Consequently, Okura’s physician prohibits him to do a live performance.


This is the first time that Kanjani8 will be performing live with only 6 members. The 6 appeared in plain clothes onstage where Murakami Shingo informed 40,005 fans that only the 6 of them will be appearing and asked if its okay. The fans cheered for the group and they soon changed to their costumes to begin their performance.

In lieu of Okura’s absence, he released an official apology to all fans at the Johnny’s website.

Get well soon Tacchon!

via Daily Sports


5 thoughts on “Okura Tadayoshi Suspends his Tour Appearance due to Intestinal Obstruction

  1. nope , he’s been diagnosed with Ileus so it must have been difficult for him lately, it’s just that he thought it was something less complicated and tried to calm the sympthoms with pills … look at the results 😦

    today the members had Janiben’s filming and Hina updated the fans on his condition : he’s stable after the surgery but under a strict diet of liquid food ( yesterday the only thing his body allowed was water T_T ). He’ll be at the hospital for the time being .


    • I think it’s just the same since Ileus is a medical term for obstruction of the ileum, which is part of the small intestine. Thanks for the additional information btw.


  2. the guy who loves food the most have to suffer this 😦 i feel so bad for him and the members … and i cannot imagine how bad he must feel , not only he couldn’t perform in the concert , the DVD is also in danger since they film the DVD always during the last concert at Kyocera 😦

    get well soon, Tacchon T_T


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