SMAP is not Disbanding

I repeat…SMAP is NOT Disbanding…

Last week, rumors start swirling that one of Japan’s biggest idol group will be disbanding after their manager resigned from the agency. Furthermore, there were talks that aside from Kimura Takuya, everyone else will be leaving the agency as well.

To clarify the rumors, 5 members of SMAP gave a live interview during their “SMAP x SMAP” variety show. Kimura started by apologizing to everyone for the trouble and worry the disbandment rumors have given. Thus, Kimura gathered all the members.

After Kimura, Inagaki Goro, Katori Shingo, Nakai Masahiro, and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi also made an apology for the trouble and asks for everyone’s continued support. Tsuyoshi also thanked Kimura for helping them and giving them a chance to apologize to Johnny (Kitagawa).

I’m so happy that they will stay together -for now- but the apology seems really embarrassing like they are politicians caught embezzling funds. Frankly, these apologies got me asking for more since they just apologized but it wasn’t clear why this issue started in the first place. I guess that part will be hushed by the agency.

via jnews1

Addendum :┬áRe-reading the article, they didn’t specifically address the disbandment rumors, they will stay in Johnny’s that’s for sure.


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