Rants & Raves : Come and Go

It’s my first Rants & Raves for this year so I’m pretty excited to write this. I know that the news from Johnny’s world has been pretty stressful as of late so I’ll try to make this post a bit cheery if my ranting self can help it.

Here is Rants & Raves : Come and Go

  • Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi is back to work after missing the finale of his group’s live tour due to intestinal obstruction. Okura underwent a surgery and he wrote a message to everyone to inform that his appetite is returning little by little.

Rants : The glutton is back! He should be on NPO for like days.

Raves : Glad that Okura is back, his recovery powers is fast.


  • If there are online petitions for SMAP to stay via change.org, there’s also an online petition to oust Mary Kitagawa from Johnny’s. The votes are overwhelming and fans are hopeful that it will pressure Johnny Kitagawa.

Rants : I’m pretty sure that Johnny and Mary don’t give a shit about online petition. They never cared about SNS and kept the Johnny’s website to minimum so why would they give a damn on online voting?

Raves : I salute whoever did this petition, that’s pretty courageous. However, despite everything else, Mary is a family and that’s one thing that people can’t change. Whether we accept it or not, she’s part of the Johnny’s brand as it’s the family business.

Rants : On the lighter note, Mary looks like Johnny. They can switch wigs and nobody will be able to tell. haha


  • Nagase Tomoya’s “TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” movie gets postponed. The movie will hit the theaters on Feb 6th in light of the ski bus accident in Japan, which will be quite similar to a certain scene from the movie. Watch the trailer and you’ll see.

Rants : My condolonces and it’s good that the producers are sensitive enough to hold the movie.

Raves : Condolence too.

  • SMAP won’t be penalized for wanting to leave Johnny’s, the sincere apology is enough. 

Rants : Of course it should be enough, it was a very humiliating apology. If I were in their position, I want to become a bear and go into hibernation.

Raves : I would rather go into hibernation than make a public apology as if I’m still in 6th grade and was caught cheating.

Rants : Thinking about that apology scene, they all look pretty downcast except for Kimura. They all look beaten.

Raves : It was a very awkward moment and I don’t want to recall it so let’s move on.

  • I can’t move on yet, SMAP is said to do a “National Apology Tour” in spring. 

Rants : So are they gonna do an apology again?

Raves : They should do it like Justin Bieber and write a song about it.

Rants : Now that you mention it, a song on apologies might be a good thing to do. Probably, they can ask Becky to join them in a PV.

Raves : ahahaha

  • NEWS’s Shigeki Kato shared in “K-chan News” that he watch “JOKER GAME” incognito. Its like a real-life spy game.

Rants :  I wonder if he also watched “Pink to Gray”.


  • Kamenashi Kazuya’s “Kaito Yamaneko” earns 14% in ratings for its pilot episode

Rants : That’s pretty high for Kame’s drama.

Raves : Except for Tsuyoshi’s “The Specialist” that has 17% for its pilot, Kame’s drama is pretty high. I can’t wait to see this one.


  • Speaking of drama ratings, one columnist wrote that because of the SMAP saga, Tsuyoshi and Shingo’s drama are doing pretty well in the ratings game.

Rants : Because some people are probably assuming that it might be the last drama for the two.

Raves : Both dramas have good plot. The Specialist is already in its 3rd season while Shingo’s drama has a stellar cast. I’m sure that the SMAP drama added to people’s curiosity to watch the drama but making them watch again is a different matter.

  • V6’s Miyake Ken joins Hideaki Takizawa in “Takizawa Kabuki 2016”

Rants : No overseas performance this time Tackey?

Raves : Love this!

That’s all for now, I’m leaving you with a gif from Kame’s drama with him being adorable.

(c) llllilian

5 thoughts on “Rants & Raves : Come and Go

  1. Yes thank you for that wonderful gif! Also I loved all the rants and raves this time. That apology was to hard to watch, they did look beaten. The rant about Mary and Johnny swapping the wig was so good I laughed out loud. She really does look so much like him 😛

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