You can call me Yuya, and I will be writing for jnewseng.com from now. I’m very new to everything related to blogging or just writing anything on the internet. But I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and man up a bit as my life is taking me places now. And this is just a small paragraph to let you know a bit about myself.

Before I say anything else, I’d like to confess that my Japanese is not perfect and I didn’t take any JLPT test yet, so I do not have anything to prove my level of Japanese but I believe I am higher than N4, which is on the way to Intermediate. But do not worry, I have a lot of resources and people around me who are more than willing to help me correct the mistakes I made and I wouldn’t post anything that could be give out wrong information, which could leave me to take some time before posting news, but I will do my best to bring it to you as fast as possible.


My real name is very similar to “Yuya” in terms of phonetics. And Yuya actually is my cosplay nickname. Hobbies are a lot of things, and cosplaying is actually one of them. But since I also am quite a big fan of Johnny’s… cosplaying ends up something I do only when there’s a cosplay event nearby. Cosplay is expensive.  I’ve always wanted to work in the music industry as an artist but now I don’t mind working behind the camera as well.


My favourites in Johnny’s are Arashi. If I had to choose anyone from Arashi, its Nino because we’re both Geminis, (and I ship SAKUMIYA so bad…) I also like Kanjani8 more and more after watching them on their variety shows, and they aren’t making bad music. Hey! Say! Jump is also a favourite (Yamada & Chinen).


I’m very familiar with the entertainment industry, and I follow a lot of the news from all around the world. I also perform a little bit (singing, dancing, stage plays, etc), mostly in my room, but somehow I managed to “inspire” a few people and got them to listen to my advices and head to their goals. I love writing anything, and I’ve always wanted to work at least once in a news related anything I guess. So I’m really glad I got to get to write for jnewseng, I cannot thank Miku enough.


When I was younger, I looked up to BoA, and boybands like TVXQ and Arashi, but I was young, and really young so I didn’t know or remember their names nor followed them. I live in a developing country, so TV was quite different from everywhere else, and TV here still is quite different. We would have these Chinese channels with Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese music videos playing all day, in no specific order, so as a child I would follow Lee Hyori and Koda Kumi, and Rainy Yang without knowing their names. Thank goodness for Internet… and my language classes.

I’d love to say that I was a fan of those artist ever since I was young, but honestly, I wonder if I can really count those years of not knowing what their names are in the years I fangirled over them whilst knowing their names.


I only re-discovered Arashi as well as the Johnny’s quite recently (a few years ago actually) so please excuse anything mistake or anything that I might do that can offend you or anyone. Please do tell me so I can correct myself.

I’ll be doing my best to bring you as much news as I can, but again, a part of me is very lazy, and my Japanese is not perfect (yet). So I would like to ask for forgiveness in advance for anything shortcomings I might commit.

Here’s an Arashi picture for you.


Please don’t expect too much from me…

26 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Hi,
    First of all thank you for taking over the blog. Your site provides interesting news and opinions about Johnny’s. Keep up the good work. Please post frequently if possible. I do check your site everyday for new posts.
    My favorite band is KAT-TUN and my favorite Idol is Kamenashi Kazuya. Looking forward for more news about him. Like many hyphens, I am not in good mood these days because of KAT-TUN going to hiatus. I really want to hear good news regarding remaining members with respect to their individual activities.


    • Thanks for the comment! I’m currently bring more positive news about KAT-TUN. I understand whats going on for you guys, I had to go through something like that when I was in the K-POP fandom, so I feel you. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the future articles!


  2. Hi ! I really thought jnewseng has really come to an end and I was extremely sad about it. I’m so glad to see someone took over. This isn’t a very easy job that’s why I think you are really capable. I’m gonna miss Mikuchin, but I really think you’re also great. Thank you for taking over! I’m looking forward to your news & updates. I rely heavily here… lols. Ganbatte kudasai ne ~ ^^

    ps: wow ~ an Arashi & Hey! Say! JUMP fan like me… and Nino is also my ichiban… sugoi ❤

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    • Thank you! So glad to find someone who also ships Sakumiya. I’ll try to post a bit more Sakumiya gifs to end post 😉


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