“Single Celebrities that doesn’t look like they had a lot of romantic escapades” Ranking

Sakurai Sho on top of the ranking for “Single Celebrities that doesn’t look like they had a lot of romantic escapades” (I’m really bad at titles…). Conducted by VenusTap, they asked the opinion of 300 people.

Here is the top 5:

5. Fukushi Souta / Kubota Masataka with 16 votes

4. Ninomiya Kazunari with 29 votes


(c) somewhere on facebook (imsorry)

3. Kamiki Ryuunosuke with 30 votes

2. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi with 31 votes


(c) generasia

1. Sakurai Sho with 32 votes


(c) yumedemoiikara


Here are the translated comments for the three Johnny’s up in the ranking.

Nino: Known as a huge gamer and an indoor type of person, he’s also not really known as a very romantic kind of person, even in his dramas. On variety shows, he would be known as flashy, and someone who won’t confess their feelings. They say that they cannot detach the image of “not having a lot of experience in love” off of Ninomiya. If you ask me, he’s just in a long term relationship with Sho.

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi: Although he’s had his fair share of romantic dramas, rumours about him being gay has always been flowing around him. Lately, it seems like he brought a woman in her 30s back to his hometown in Ehime, and introduced her to his parents, so everything is still in the dark.

Sakurai: Surpassing his sempai and Nino (his boyfriend) in the rankings, is the Keio boy. And because he’s a Keio graduate, and entered his agency at 13 against his parent’s will, people think that he wouldn’t have time to date around. Of course, he’s gotta take care of his boyfriend who’s just stuck in front of the TV screen. Nino, get out of the house sometimes…

Johnny’s Watcher


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